About Us

OJT Careers is an up-and-coming local online recruitment network especially developed with interns and fresh graduates as the target market. OJT Careers caters to young individuals who are looking for their first full-time jobs, or part-time jobs they could involve themselves in. As there are a lot of student applicants and an increasing number of fresh graduates every year, the inexperienced has become a class of their own, and they need more exposure and opportunities to make use of their skills and knowledge. 

OJT Careers highlights the abilities and competence of the fresh graduates and the interns that's why they are prioritized in the development of the site. People in OJT Careers believe that even the fresh graduates and interns should be able to prove themselves of what they can do, so you can be sure that when you apply through OJT Careers, your application will not be buried and forgotten as what happens when fresh graduates compete with those who have more experience.