Agriculture & Wildlife

Do you love nature? Surely you have discovered within yourself the drive and affinity towards studying, cultivating, researching, and protecting different flora and fauna ever since you have become aware of its importance in this world. Do botany, biology, zoology, and biochemistry ring a bell? These are just several of the studies one must pursue when dealing with agriculture and wildlife. There is no doubt in the interconnectivity of all life whether it is plant or animal, and even humans because we are all part and parcel of contributing to this earth. When all of these things add up in your mind then you might want to pursue a career in agriculture and wildlife. Just imagine, getting to sift through various methods in crop cultivation and farming and applying what you have learned through application like getting to make a small crop farm as a study, who knows? You might even get a Nobel prize one day for creating more sustainable farm crops or even getting to promote organic foods for farm animals by making them more lean and nutritious for animal husbandry; those are just examples of how agriculture works, try pursuing it and make it work for you and the world.

When it comes to wildlife there are careers that commonly involve animals and their conservation, do you want to contribute in saving one of the endangered species in the planet? If you said yes then you must also be an Animal Planet junkie and enjoy watching nature programs that feature different animals all over the globe. Turn your career path towards biological and zoological studies which deeply involves you in studying the animals and the habitat that they live in and how conservation techniques can help them thrive; you might be the next Jane Goodall and establish a conservation institute!

Just open up your mind, the world is a big place and there are people who need to answer the call in keeping the balance and protecting Mother Nature. Your future labors in this field will help everyone in the long run, just be aware of your goals when pursuing this field.