There are plenty of animal lovers out there and if you have an affinity for your pets at home and other animals then there are fields of study and courses that are aligned for you, go ahead and pursue zoology, veterinary medicine, or even biology for great careers that can give you a deeper meaning in caring for animals and pets. Taking up these studies and courses can take you considerable amount of time and hard work because you enjoy working with animals you also need extensive education and hands on experience to apply the knowledge in the field especially if you're goal is to become a veterinarian one day which will have you diagnosing owner's pets or conducting surgery for severe injuries for a cat or dog, those owners will completely trust you in keeping their beloved pets comfortable and in good health; you're now a Doctor for those animals.

There are also other career paths when it comes to animals like becoming a nature conservationist that protects certain species within a habitat, do you want the Philippine eagle species to live for another decade or more? Being an animal conservationist will entitle you to study different kinds of wildlife and involve you in an animal centered career and you might even get to travel exotic locales throughout the world and be the next host for a discovery channel animal oriented show. It is also good if you discover in yourself the heart for caring for animals and pets this way you are sure in pursuing this field and also you'll also get a sense of fulfillment along the way.

There are plenty of possibilities in the field of animals and pets for you out there, keep a keen understanding of many creatures that are in this world and involve yourself in other extracurricular activities like zoo and animal center on-the-job-trainings that can add to your knowledge and matters concerning them.