It is said that architecture is both art and science that is concerned with creating building and other physical structures; history is proof that the lines or art and science converge when it comes to architecture. Just search for pictures and descriptions of the great pyramids of Egypt, or the incredible gothic cathedrals of Europe, and even the modern designs of various business oriented skyscrapers in Asia like the Petronas Towers. Man has always sought to better physical edifices and places for the betterment of humanity, and with architectural knowledge passed from generation to generation and with new ideas springing forth from architects, who knows what other artistic and scientific heights we might reach one day?

Are you someone who has a creative mind when it comes to creating buildings designs and other physical structures? Maybe you just started out with your own drawings and sketches then architecture is the field for you. Architecture is more than just drawings and blueprints for buildings, there are creative processes involved like creating a dynamic design for an opera house or cultural center where you can find function and aesthetic combined, imagine yourself creating plans for a resort with Greek themed pillars on the entrance that are sturdy in construction, now that's creativity in the works! Architecture also inculcates to you the virtue of patience because as the saying goes: "Rome was not built in a day" you will have to study hard and nurture your craft in the long run.

If you want to take a career path in architecture then always remember to hone your skills and learn well from a reputable school that has an extensive curriculum to beat and that will enable you to exercise your creativity. Also, invest in a good internship or practicum because in 4 or 5 years of study and application will enable you to become licensed, after that clients will be calling you for your services and you'll make buildings in no time!