4 OJT Tips – because it’s more than just a job

More than just a school requirement, on-the-job training programs are meant to give college students a taste of the real world. Face it – most schools are actually sheltered, wherein education is spoon-fed on most of its students. This gives the students a negative impression on the real, outside, working world. Thus, you should treat your OJT programs as an investment for professional and personal growth.

To help you out on getting the most out of your OJT program, here are some tips you may want to remember:

Being on time for your OJT reflects how you treat your life as well. Prompt employees are usually individuals who have laid out a plan for the day. Factoring time into their plans make these people into productive individuals. You, as a student, figures just as much as well. Being prompt makes you maximize your required OJT hours in a certain company. More often than not, the company will actually recognize you as an asset.

4 OJT Tips – Help out

Help where you can

Just because you’re part of an OJT program doesn’t mean you’re left out on other tasks. If needed, help out where you can. Use whatever additional skills you have learned (whether it be in graphic design, software programming, etc.) to help out the company you’re in. Not only will you be recognized by your efforts, you’ll get to maximize your potential as a student and practice multi-tasking as well.


Smile! Just because you’re having your OJT doesn’t mean you have to be prim and proper all the time. Learn how to communicate with your colleagues. Ask them questions – how they handle certain tasks and responsibilities, how they handle stress, how they live their daily lives and whatnot. Bridging and connecting with your fellow work colleagues will help you develop the confidence to speak up, and communicate properly in the real working world.

4 OJT Tips – Smile

More than a job
Your OJT, if you’re treating it as an investment, can turn out into something more than just a job or school requirement. If you’re actually contributing as much or more than the company requires you to do, you may very well be absorbed in the workforce. Also, having built and maintained the connections in your chosen OJT company may lead to new and brighter opportunities in the future. More likely than not, how you see your employers at this stage – and how you deal with them – is a sure reflection of your future working self.

Investing in a good OJT program is a crucial step on not just landing your desired career, but help you develop your personal strength as well. Just remember to have fun in your OJT, and hope you’ll get to learn a lot!

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