Surviving OJTs: Tips on improving yourself for your internships

In every college student’s life, one passes through the phase of having to go through an internship for a chosen company. This aims to help the students be exposed to different tasks in the office so that after graduating, they will be able to know what they will do when they start working. Usually, OJT’s only require students to be trained for a short period of time. However, even though this is just a short experience for the students, they should make the most out of it.  In order to survive in your OJTs, here are a few tips that you can follow to maintain a good relationship with your fellow employees and to establish a good impression to your boss.

  1. Be nice

Always greet your officemates. A simple Hi will do. When you meet your boss or officemates outside of the office, don’t be shy to greet them.

be nice

2. Be humble

If you are good at something, do not flaunt your talent. Do not tell your officemates what to do and brag about your skills. Instead, share your opinions and also be open to their suggestions. If you keep on bragging and showing off what you know, people will start to hate you.



3. Spend time with your officemates

During lunch breaks, do not go out alone. Talk to your officemates and bond with them. Eating and laughing with your officemates can establish good relationships. Find new friends and interact with the people around you.

eat with officemates


4. Be happy

When your boss gives you tons of work to do, do not stress yourself. Be happy and find the good thing in what you are doing. Just have fun and soon you’ll be able to finish everything without even noticing it.



In order for you to be happy in your work, you have to learn to love it. Being nice to your officemates in your OJT will help you when you work after college. In the office, competition is really tough and people would always comment on what you do. The important thing that you should remember is that you should not let other people bring you down. Do your best and be nice to your officemates even to the ones who judge you. If you know how to interact with other people and stay happy despite having tons of things to do, you’ll surely be successful in the future

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