A College Survival Guide


College is definitely one of the most exciting time in someone’s life. It is a period of greater freedom compared to high school. Your time in college is truly a great way of learning about your real interests, discovering your strengths and weaknesses, determining your life goals, making big mistakes, meeting some of the best people you will meet in the world, and achieving things you didn’t know you could do.

However, your time in college will end eventually and at times you wouldn’t even notice it. The next thing you know, you’re wearing your toga and receiving a rolled up piece of paper on stage. Making mistakes and having several regrets are definitely part of the whole college experience. However, these following guidelines may just help you do better in this life of greater parental freedom.

In dealing with terror professors, there is really no one answer or one path to take in order to pass a class. Terror teachers are different even if all of them are basically – terrorizing. One of the best things that you can do is to attend class on time and never miss a session as much as possible. In this way, this teacher will realize that you at least make an effort to go to her class every time. It also wouldn’t hurt if you try to do well in the requirements that this teacher give. Believe this, sometimes trying is one of the greatest things needed to pass.

No matter how you prepare well for all the requirements you need, procrastinating will still definitely be part of your college life. There will be days, weeks, and months when all your teachers seem to have agreed to make all their requirements due on the same time. Do not fret, because once your adrenaline and stress levels are up, you will be typing and studying away like you never thought you can do before. You will however, rely on a lot of caffeine or different energy bars or drinks. You will learn how to survive with two hours worth of sleep just to recharge your mind and body. Do not worry though, this is the reason why you have friends to count on to and sembreaks to look forward to.

Budgeting your allowance is important especially if you receive a limited allowance from your parents. You will be spending not only for food, but depending on your lifestyle, commuting fare, gas money, photocopying fees, even clothes and alcoholic beverages from time to time. You can budget by bringing food to school, riding with your parents to school, and limiting unnecessary spending.

Dealing with useless group mates is a difficult thing to do. There are those who are very much willing to help in projects but produces work that are entirely useless and insignificant. There are those kinds however who will not really show up but get the grade anyway. While they may be frustrating, talk with all your group mates who are exerting real effort to produce good work. Concentrate on finishing the work needed even if there are just only two of you working your butts off out of five people. In the end, you can just inform your professor about this problem and let him deal with the others.

In college, you will experience a number of failures and successes. However, remember failures will only serve as a reminder to keep trying even better and that no one is really perfect. Everyone will eventually experience this. Just try again and remember that effort always counts. In achieving success, remember not to be too complacent but keep in mind to also reward yourself appropriately. Hopefully, these college survival tips will be a good way of easing your way through this time of your life.

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