Advice For OJTs – Tips On How To Impress Your Boss And Do A Wonderful Job

The Interview’s Only The Beginning -Things OJTs Need To Know Before Working

You’ve done it! You have passed the interview and have gotten a practicum job! Good job for you. It only means that you deserve it because you strived hard in order to get accepted. Nonetheless, you not get overconfident during your stay. Although you have been hired, you can still get fired. Although it is rare, there are various cases where student or part time workers become fired because of bad behavior.

As you can see, you should work like any regular employee. In spite of the fact that you’re a student filling in the hours for your practicum subject or a person looking for a second income source, you should work your hardest. Your performance is evaluated by your employers every day and it will definitely reflect on your record, this is especially true for students who will present evaluation forms to their professors.

Advice For OJTs superior

Good Behavior And Extra Skills – How To Be, Not Just Good, But Great At Your Practicum Job

So, what does it take for an OJT to keep their job? Simple hard work is actually enough. Diligent workers are always duly noted in the work place. If the bosses see that you are eager to learn, then that’s definitely an added plus. You should also be mindful of your actions. You may be a part of the company but you should have respect towards authority. A pleasing personality is also favored.

An OJT who is has initiative is a team player. Whenever a direct superior asks you to do something for them, you should never say no. Although there are times when a boss asks you to do something you cannot do, you should try and never be afraid to ask questions. The boss will never give you anything that you can’t handle. Of course, you are an OJT and he or she knows how to limit the work given to you.

Most of all, employers appreciate a bit of extra skill. Simple skills in computer applications such Photoshop is actually becoming an asset nowadays. If you have this, you probably are an asset. Having extra abilities such as this can make your boss like you, even love you!

Advice For OJTs Hired

If you do well on your OJT, you will definitely have a great evaluation. The best part about this is that you may even have a job if your employers find you talented. So, who knows? Work hard and you might find yourself a fulltime job!

Best of luck to you!

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