Avoid getting late in your internships

The best way to get the good side of your bosses in your internships is to always make a good impression. People hate employees who always come in late. It would be unfair to the other workers who woke up earlier than you just to be able to get to the office on time. Bosses also hate it when they are busy working on something and then you suddenly arrive behind schedule. If you continue doing this, you’ll surely get scolded for your lazy attitude. Here are a few tips to improve your punctuality.

  1. Alarm clock

When you are not used to waking up early in the morning, be sure to set your alarm clock. If you move slowly, you can set your alarm clock 30 minutes or an hour before you expect to leave the house. Always check if you set the time right because you might have exchanged AM to PM.


alarm clock

2. Move fast

Always be in a hurry. Do not relax because time flies by so fast without you noticing it.

hurry up


3. Be aware of the time

While doing your daily routine, always check what time it is so you will be aware if you will be late for office.

check time


4. Avoid night outs

If your work requires you to wake up very early in the morning, avoid going out to parties and staying up too late. If this happens, it will be hard for you to get out of bed the next morning.

avoid night outs


5. Prepare stuff you are going to need for work

Before going to bed at night, it is advisable to prepare the things you will need for work the next day. There are instances when you misplace your things and it will take you so much time to look for it the following morning if you do not organize your things beforehand.

prepare things


6. If it also takes a lot of time before you finally choose an outfit to put on, it is best to prepare what you want to wear the night before you go to work.



7. Be mindful of your time

Do not spend so much time putting make up and fixing your clothes.

woman putting make-up

8. Quick breakfast

Before heading out to your office, grab a quick breakfast so that you won’t starve when you start working. Noodles or bread will do as long as it will give you enough energy before lunch break.

quick breakfast


Everyone hates being late and no one can be able to help you but yourself. If you want to stay longer in a company that you like, you have to start improving yourself and try your best to come early always. Follow these steps and you’ll surely learn how to be an early bird in no time.

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