Backstage Jobs For Theater Productions

Have you ever wanted to work for a theater production but thought that stage acting is not for you?  Then you should know that there are other opportunities available for you to work in the theater without having to go on stage. There are so many different roles to fill whether it’s working backstage or working alongside the technical team of the production. So if you want to have a career in theater production, then it’s best for you to familiarize yourself with some of the most important backstage roles that you might want to be in.


Backstage Jobs Director
If you already have a strong and deep background when it comes to theater production and you want to be able to have a say in all the creative aspects of the theater production, then you might apply for a director role. The director is basically the one who interprets the script and visualizes how the characters should relate to each other. He is the one who organizes casting auditions as well as makes the casting decisions. A director is the one responsible in leading rehearsals and stage blockings.


Backstage Jobs For Theater clapper
One of the busiest and most demanding roles in a theater production is that of the stage manager. If you choose to apply for this role, you will be responsible for running the stage during the production. Stage managers are also the ones who call for the cueing of lights, sounds, sets, props and even actors during the actual show.


You can also choose to work along side the director and be a production manager. The production manager is the one who oversees the development of all the things needed for the production, such as the set, props and costumes. When you are the production manager, you are expected to assist in the creation of a unified look for the whole production. At the same time, you are to ensure that every task and assignment meets the deadlines in an organized and timely manner.

The main responsibility of the set designer is to be able to effectively express the vision of the director through the creation and design of the production sets. Choosing to work as a set designer, you should be able to fully grasp the importance of making an effective set and give the audience a sense of where a particular scene is actually taking place.


Backstage Jobs For Theater tech

The technical crew’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all the technical aspects of the entire production is working properly and see to it that all possible technical issues that may arise can be easily addressed. The technical director in particular is the one who works hand in hand with the set designer and  develops the lighting, sound and special effects that are needed for the production.

These are just some of the roles that you can take on should you decide to work in a theater production. Whether you decide to work on the creative or the technical aspect of the production, there can always be an available job for you. Working backstage can really be strenuous and demanding but the audience’s applause and commendations long after the curtains are dropped makes everything worth it.


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