Benefits and Drawbacks of a Summer Job


When summer rolls around, most likely a summer job isn’t at all an entertaining idea. It’s something you haven’t really pondered with, unlike what you’re going to do when you’re with your friends, where you’re going to hang out… You’ve spent a few months in school studying so hard (I’m assuming you’re a good student, alright?) and of course, you’d want to spend the whole summer sleeping in late and doing all those television series marathons that you’ve missed during the school days.

But you should know that sacrificing a few meet-ups or gatherings with your friends to accommodate a summer job would yield a lot of benefits:

Summer jobs allow you to earn more
Just imagine all the great things you’d be able to get. You won’t be relying entirely with the money your parents are giving you so it just might be so possible that you’ll be getting that amazing phone you’ve been goggling  on the mall sooner than you’ve thought.

A learning opportunity
You’ll learn a lot, not only when it comes to the different work you’ll be exposed to, but also on the expectations of your boss and colleagues. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself; giving you the advantage on knowing what part of yourself needs work and what part of yourself you should be proud of.

You gain confidence and stronger people skills
Your job will most likely expose you to a new environment and different sets of people. You’ll have the advantage of learning not only befriending other people, but also managing conflicts that may arise.

Helps in the smooth transition into the professional environment
If you’ll take a summer job, you won’t be entirely clueless as to how the professional environment works. Treat it as slowly introducing to yourself the life that you will be living until you’ve reached retirement.

It’s another feather in your hat
Employers will most likely be happy to see that you’ve spent your summer in something worthwhile.

If after reading this article and you still aren’t convinced into taking a summer job, then do not worry. I am in no way pressuring you to do so. Maybe you’re just not ready yet, but do give it time to think about. Summer jobs do not only give you extra money, but will also help develop your skills and ease you into the transition into adulthood. It’s a possible stepping stone and training ground to step in today make you ready for tomorrow’s success.

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