Call Center Interview Questions: Be Physically and Mentally Prepared for the Job Interview

Top 4 Call Center Interview Questions

The call center industry is still booming today more than ever, with the attractive pay and a great training experience. Some call center companies are even offering part-time slots for those who are still in school, for the students to have an extra source of income. If you are one of those people who would like to try your luck working as a call center agent, you should know that it’s not that easy to get hired.

While there are some companies who make it easy for the applicants, many companies will practically give you hell during your first job interview to make sure that you are serious about your job application. And for this, here are the top call center interview questions you are most likely to encounter and tips on how to answer them so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

What does a call center mean to you?

Call Center Interview Questions Call center

The question sounds simple yet a lot of applicants are taken aback when asked this particular one. If you have no previous call center experience, you might want to research a little bit about the ins and outs of this industry so you’ll have an idea what they are actually for. If you just went looking for a call center job for the sole reason of getting a big pay, you might be in trouble during your job interview. If you want the perks, you have to work for it, and work doesn’t start on your first day on the job but the minute you submit your application.

Tell me about you past experience working for a call center. Describe how you helped the customers and dealt with the irate ones.

If you have worked previously as a call center agent, this will most likely come up. When the interviewer sees in your resume that you have worked in a different call center before, he will want to know about your experience and why you decided to quit your job, and what you learned from your it. Be prepared to share your experience and remember that talking badly about your previous employer, co-workers and overall experience is an absolute no-no, even if it’s true.

Are you adept with different kinds of software? What kind of computer experience do you have?

Don’t have a culture shock when you are asked this question. The employer simply wants to know if you can handle working with a computer effortlessly or if you’re one of those people who are still scared of technology and wouldn’t have a time to learn a few things about the internet and the common computer softwares. While there is still training if you get hired, it’s still better if you have an edge when it comes to computer and internet literacy.

What do you consider to be the importance of teamwork?

Call Center Interview Questions team work

One of the most cliche questions, but one of the most important as well. It’s true that these kinds of questions are like something out of a beauty pageant, but you have to still be prepared to answer questions like this. For one thing, your answer will give your interviewer an idea about how you work with other people. For another thing, it will also give him an idea about how you deal with office politics.

These call center interview questions sound easy enough, don’t they? However, they is always more to it than you can gauge, so you have to be prepared, not just physically, but more importantly mentally for a job interview.

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