Career Jam 2011 – Delectable Jobs Served Hot and Fresh

The Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair had been one hot event in 2010. And this year, Roundbox Events has another serving of a would-be epic event. Career Jam 2011 is a combination of everything sweet and nice that you’re looking for in a career event. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

Sweet Offerings:

Aside from the many job openings on-site, Career Jam will also be featuring the first-ever televised recruitment event. Take advantage of technology; if you’re outside Metro Manila, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call up the employers if you’re interested with jobs featured in a particular episode. Career Jam is going to be a month-long event, meaning you are given lots of opportunities to try out in various job openings. Ain’t that sweet?

If you’re hungry for more, this here’s good news:

Forget boring career events where all you could do between job hunts is sit and wait. Career Jam will also be featuring free concerts throughout the month-long event, so you could relax, enjoy the music, and be entertained.

Something to chew on..

There is no better way to jump start the perfect career that’s waiting for you than to attend in a career event that offers a lot more than presenting job openings. Career Jam could be your boxed up and gift-wrapped Perfect Job, just waiting to be opened…

So what are you waiting for? Registration is easy. Visit the official website of Career Jam and learn more about this exciting event. It’s a piece of cake, and so will finding your perfect job be. 🙂

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