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OJT Songs: Because you need to Rock through the Day!

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Most OJTs treat their program as such a chore, that they can’t perform at their best and optimal performance. It’s such a shame, actually, considering that some fail an otherwise-simple program. Worst, others create a negative impression on the general workplace, that it’ll be hard for them to look for an actual job in the future. Don’t let this be the case for you – simply rock on! Listen to these choice tracks to make you get through your OJT grind:

Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)
Yes, you can listen to this – we don’t need no education – as a way to fight the system you’re currently in (ironic, isn’t it?). It’s a healthy exercise, listening to Pink Floyd that is. You wouldn’t need to dwell into negative activities just to show you are against your current situation. Besides, the song’s beat is mesmerizing – making you get into the flow, and get things done. You wouldn’t notice that time flies by with this song!

Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N’ Roses)
welcome to the jungle single image cover gnr
As a welcome entry into the corporate world, listen to this hard-hitting song. As cheesy as it may sound, Guns N’ Roses can actually help you conquer you OJT woes. It’s a must as well, since that song’s so catchy – you and probably your work colleagues may soon be screaming your lungs out with this one! And as an added stress-reliever, try to air guitar Slash’s guitar solo. You just know that you want to!

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
Sometimes, all it takes to get through your OJT sentence (I mean program!) is comedy. With a healthy dose of laughter, and a sprinkle of one of history’s best rock acts, you’ll be laughing and singing through the pain! Channel the Freddie Mercury out of yourself, and you’ll soon find yourself invincible against any OJT hurdle.

All it takes is some simple rock music to take your OJT pain away. Heck, it’ll help speed up your hours – you’ll be done in no time at all! Another Brick in the Wall introduces a healthy alternative on rebelling against a system. Welcome to the Jungle helps you psych yourself up to face the different problems that you may encounter. And the Bohemian Rhapsody will not only bring in the laughter, but let you sing – with the entire office – that you’re all champions. Rock on, young OJT! And have a productive day at work!

3 Movies to Inspire Your OJT Life

Friday, January 6th, 2012

In a fret dealing with the OJT program you’re in? Don’t be – it’s temporary after all! But regardless of it being temporary, you need to make a good and able impression to pass it. So if you find yourself of some needed pick-me-ups during your OJT, try watching some movies to boost up your mood! Check out some of these choice flicks:

500 Days of Summer
It’s a must, when you find yourself in a drag, to watch this movie. Tom, a young, under-accomplished postcard writer, fell in love with the vibrant Summer. Chaos – typical of any romantic relationship – ensues, leading into Tom to review his life’s stand. What makes this movie so appealing for OJTs is its approach – artsy, yet popular at the same time, just right for the young, underdog crowd. Also, OJTs can learn how to prioritize what they need in life, that they would need to separate the “real” from the “ideal”.

Almost Famous
If you feel like being the new – or youngest – guy in a company is a curse, then watch this movie. William Miller, an accelerated student (at age 15, about to graduate from a University), feels the pain and struggles of being the youngest guy in a group. Age is such a matter for him, that most publishers (William’s a good – yet aspiring journalist) reject his work when they find out how old he is. Having to land a chance to write for Rolling Stone (by faking his age), he then gets an assignment to write about a rock band. What follows is a coming-to-age story, of has-beens and dreams. Almost Famous would resonate well with OJTs mainly because of William. Sometimes, age can be a factor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live and love your dreams because of it.

Yes, the epic movie! OJTs will get a thrill on relieving Leonidas fight with the Persians. It’s like work, actually – no matter the odds, if you plan and face problems head on, you can accomplish anything. No Persian magic, assassin or army will defy you in your work! Plus, the line, “THIS IS SPARTA” is a good way to boost one’s ego!

Inspiring yourself to finish your OJT program can be done by simply watching movies. Make sure to watch these movies to pull yourself up – if you’ve dug yourself a hole! Good luck with your OJT program, and hope you have a productive day!

How to Appreciate Your OJT

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

It’s a part of life, a necessity in order for you to grow. Heck, it’s a requirement needed for you to graduate from college. I’m talking about your on-the-job-training! Depending on the course you’ve enrolled to, you’re bound to complete a certain amount of hours in a certain firm or company. And, if you’re as lazy as that rock you’re stepping on when you head out to school, you’d need to step up your game to get through the OJT program. Here are a few tips to help you out on just that:

It’s as elementary as it gets, but having an open mind – and ears – will help you finish your OJT program in no time at all. This will help prevent your bosses from repeating the same instructions to you all over again, making you finish tasks needed to be done. Make sure to listen and follow all directions that were given to you. If needed, write them down – there’s no shame in having a handy sheet of paper and pen ready. You need all the help you can get to get through the program.

Help Where You Can
Just because you weren’t asked to do something, doesn’t mean you can’t help out. If you do have a skill or talent needed to help out your work colleagues, then offer it. An extra pair of hands to finish a given task can help get things done in a much more faster way. It’ll also help you build rapport with your work colleagues, and hopefully get you a good word from your superiors.

New Friends
It’s just work, nothing personal – wrong. Just because you’re working in a firm for a certain amount of hours only, doesn’t mean you can’t get to know the people working there. Creating and building up new friendships will give you a good idea on how working in the real world is. It’ll also help you to create a future career network, which can potentially help you out in looking for an actual job.

Appreciating your OJT can be easy, if you allow yourself to enjoy it. Make sure to listen to avoid wasting other people’s time. Help out when and where you can, to show how sincere you are in working. And make sure to create new friends, to lighten up your mood in work. Hope you have a successful and productive time in your OJT!

6 Great Tips in Writing Your Student Resume

Monday, December 12th, 2011

If you are planning to apply for a summer or an internship job this vacation, then it is best if you would begin to construct your student resume as early as possible. It is important for you to realize that being able to effectively write a great resume can determine whether you get to be accepted for a job or not. However, it can be a little different from that of the typical resume. So, to help you write your own resume, here are the things that you need to remember in writing one.

tips in writing resume

  • Always have a qualifications summary included in your resume to be able to help your prospective employer have an idea as to how you would be able to contribute to the company.
  • Give importance to your education by putting it on top of your resume instead of writing it at the bottom because you have to remember that it is the most important information that you can provide your employer especially if you have no work experiences yet to include.
  • You could also choose to include all those extra curricular activities and courses that you may have taken in the academe that can be truly considered related to the position that you are applying for.

sample student resume

  • You might also include unrelated jobs in your resume provided that you can be able to do that in the right way— choose the important aspects of your work experiences that can be considered relevant to the needs of the company even if you were able to get it from another type of industry.
  • Try to write your skills that you think are what the company needs and be sure to emphasize them in your resume.
  • You could also try to list all the achievements as well as the activities that you did in the past that you think may be related to the job that you’re applying for but be sure that your resume would not exceed two pages when you decide to include them.

student resume for OJT

Resume writing is the first important step that you need to prepare yourself with if you want be accepted for a particular job position. Try making your own student resume now not only for your much needed application but also as a way to perfecting your resume writing. Just see to it that all the important information stated above are included and you’ll be sure to land that summer or internship job that you need.

Three Things You Need To Consider Before You Choose an MBA Degree for You

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

One of the most popular and in-demand degrees available today is the Master of Business Administration because more and more companies are in need for business experts and are most of the time looking for particular sets of technical skills. Salaries have also risen that’s why most students want to enroll in an MBA degree. Actually, there are a lot of MBA programs that are being offered today, so if you are planning to enroll in one, it is only essential for you to know which course is right for you according to your needs and skills.

how to choose an MBA degree program


There are different subjects included in MBA programs that range from general courses to specialized ones. Some students opt to choose a degree without any specialization so that they can be able to change careers easily because of a broader knowledge that they can gain. Others prefer for a specialized MBA degree because this will give them a higher chance of getting hired for a specific job.

choose an MBA degree


You should also consider where you want to work after you graduate for an MBA program. There are schools that train people to work in the home country while there are others who pay attention to going for the global economy. The differences in these two can be seen in the kinds of courses that are being offered as well as the approach being applied to them in school. That’s why you have to be sure that the program you will choose can meet the need of your prospective company in the future.

online MBA program


Another factor that you should take into account is the level of interactivity that you would want to engage in when pursuing an MBA degree. Online MBA degrees can be earned without actually going to school. You won’t have to read textbooks or take exams. But you should remember that students are expected to be online, on the phone or at meeting of local groups at least for a few hours a week. On the other hand, some people enjoy being with groups and sharing ideas and insights that’s why they prefer to attend a formal school. With this kind of set up, faculties can also be asked easily if ever a need arises. Keep in mind to choose a program with a model that matches your preferred learning style, level of interaction as well as preferring to set your own pace or have regularly scheduled meetings.

MBA degree program

There a several important things that you need to consider if you decide to pursue an MBA degree. Choose whether you want a more specialized or general approach to your study; whether you prefer to work locally or abroad; and also take into account the level of interactivity that you might want to be in. Everything depends on you but just remember to carefully think about the decisions that you have to make before choosing the MBA degree that you think is best for you.

5 fun things to do in the University of the Philippines

Friday, November 18th, 2011

5 fun things to do in the University of the Philippines Oblation

The University of the Philippines (UP) is not only known for producing some of the finest minds in the country, it’s also known for its beautiful campus grounds. UP is like a city within a city, with the myriad of establishments and activities one can find and do.

If you do get the chance to visit this wonderful campus city, you may want to try some of these fun things out:


The University of the Philippines’ main vein is an oval that circles around a big garden. Right outside the oval are the various colleges of the campus. A fun thing to do here in the oval is run. Simple right? Running along the UP oval may seem trivial for some, but it’s a fun and good way to familiarize yourself with the school. You can even join running and jogging groups in here. Trees are lined along the oval, so you can be sure on having a relaxing run. And with the benefit of being in the campus, you’re guaranteed a safe and fun run.

If you don’t feel like running, try biking instead. The University of the Philippines actually encourages this activity to its students. They even offer bike rentals for entire semesters. Not only is it a healthy exercise, it’s a faster way for you to get around the large campus.


5 fun things to do in the University of the Philippines Eat

The University of the Philippines is also known for its affordable but very tasty food. Since establishments here cater to students, food prices are lowered to accommodate student allowances. The establishments also take pride of their home-cooked style of dishes. The funny thing is, not only do students eat at some of these establishments, but even professionals and celebrities travel far and wide just to experience that tasty UP food. Some common dishes found here are the tasty barbecue, the exotic pares (combination of beef and rice meal).

Listen and Dance

5 fun things to do in the University of the Philippines Garden
If you want to enjoy The University of the Philippines at its best, attend the yearly UP fair. The fair, done at the Sunken Garden (a garden within the oval), features performance from some of the best, and up and coming bands in the country. Artists also get to show off their works in the fair. Games and contests are also done. Best of all, food and drinks are priced at low, low prices!

More than a school, The University of the Philippines is a community of surprises. Visit The University of the Philippines to get that wonderful feeling.

Free Jobs – Doing Volunteer Work for Hands On Manila

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Getting a job, most often than not, is primarily a way for people to earn money. This is the reason why people go to school and study hard – in order to land a high-paying job in the future after graduation. However, there are certain jobs that really have no resources whatsoever to help you in earning money. These places just really need your genuine help – your skills and talents, in order for them to be able to reach their goals. These jobs are the volunteer works that you can do at the non-governmental institutions built in order to make the Philippine society a better place.

Free Jobs – Doing Volunteer Work for Hands On Manila

One of the avenues in which you can share your skill, talent, time, and effort is Hands On Manila. Hands On Manila has been established in 2011, precisely to have an innovative and alternative model of volunteer service. What makes this even more effective is that the different volunteer programs that Hands On Manila has are very flexible, depending on the kind of work or school schedule that you have.

Hands On Manila is a non-profit, non-governmental institution which aims to improve the different parts of our community in the Philippines. The mission of Hands On Manila is to mobilize people in order to address the serious educational, environmental, and educational needs within the Metro Manila area and some provinces through volunteer work. Hands On Manila truly believes in the power of volunteer action capable of creating change in society. Therefore, HOM is very much dedicated to empowering individuals willing to offer their time and effort in creating change in the Philippine community.

The volunteer programs of Hands on Manila has been the driving force of this institution, that makes it possible for them to truly be a significant factor for change in the Philippine society. Orientations for interested volunteers are usually given every last Thursday of the month. There is no registration or sign-ups needed for the orientations, In fact, walk-ins are very much welcomed. Over the years, HOM has had over 5,000 volunteers and 75 partner organizations in achieving their goals. There are even Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs for companies as part of a company’s corporate social responsibility projects.

Free Jobs – Doing Volunteer Work for Hands On Manila Group

You might say that doing these types of volunteer work will do nothing for you. As a matter of fact however, these kinds of work can give you a sense of fulfillment that high-paying jobs can never provide you – such as the gift of generosity and a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It will provide you with such rich and meaningful experiences, that no money can ever pay or compensate you.

Why an MBA Degree Can Make a Difference

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Do you want to know of a decision that can actually make you and your loved ones’ lives a whole lot better? Simple. Earn an MBA degree. By having an MBA degree, not only will you have a label or credential to be proud of, you’ll also have new and better opportunities to land into. So what else can you get out from an MBA degree? Let’s know some of the details on why an MBA degree can actually make a difference:

mba degree program

Managerial Skills
An MBA degree hones and shapes your managerial skills. This is done so by studying textbook and practical business application in your course. These skills help provide the essentials for dealing with real-life scenarios pertaining to management, and as well resolution of these problems. MBA degree holders get to actually experience and grasp core responsibilities in running a certain business. Seeing that an MBA degree holder manages and juggles a lot of responsibilities, it comes at no surprise that these students are often invited to higher management level jobs.

Develop Business-Smarts
MBA degree holders can learn to develop out-of-the-box strategies by looking at the job, not from inside out. This essentially gives them an edge over students from non-business courses and backgrounds. With practical knowledge in business administration and combination with the MBA degree holder’s previous course, management can be handled more efficiently. Also, the learning never stops for an MBA degree holder. Even after MBA completion, the student can continue his or her doctorate in any other discipline.

mba degree and job security

Recession Proof Degree/Job Security
Companies consider MBA degree holders as major investments. It’s mainly because of the amount of experience and learnings the MBA degree holder has. As such, companies would more likely keep individuals of this level, assuring MBA degree holders of a secure, long-term job with his or her chosen company to work with.

Since earning an MBA degree program deals with the experts of the business field, immersion in this program will open more and better doors of career opportunity. If you’re lucky, you may even get hired on the spot by some of the best CEO teachers. Also, studying for an MBA degree program will also help you an effective work network, assuring you that you’ll never run out of work options.

Starting your Business
Most importantly, earning an MBA degree allows or teaches you to be business- savvy. MBA programs equip with you the tools and proper mindset on starting your own business. This in itself is one of the best factors on why most consider taking up this type of investment – you get to be your own boss.

mba degree

Earning an MBA degree is an investment worth taking. It’ll help you know the ins and outs of a business. It’ll not only help you work for the best companies, it’ll also give you the skills to start your own. Check your preferred university today to get up-to-date with the latest MBA course offerings!

Getting the best out of your Journalism Course

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Getting the best out of your Journalism Course Notebook

If you are a journalism student, you know how hard and stressful your course may be at times. From having to churn out a large amount of work in little time, to the various projects and trips needed to accomplish in order for you to pass, it’s actually quite normal when you feel like giving up. But don’t worry. Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your otherwise harsh journalism course.

It’s what you want
You took this course to accomplish something. For some, they want to be a writer. Others want to be behind the scenes on media-related jobs. Whatever the reason is, remembering why you’ve signed up for this course will help you accomplish your goal. It’s a dream worth all the trouble for. Believe me, all the stress, hardships and disappointments you’ll be facing in this course is all for shaping you into a good, journalism graduate.

Learn from the best
If you’re in the dumps, try talking with journalism graduates and experts in the field. Simply searching online for famous journalism graduates and personalities can also help you, if you can’t or don’t have any access to these people. These journalism individuals’ stories and experiences will help you emulate and resonate on your studies. More often than not, they’ve been through on what you’re currently doing. Knowing their success stories and how they managed to reach their dreams can motivate you on achieving your goals.

Just do it
Simple to say, yet hard to execute. But by just simply doing the task at hand and making the most out of your resources, you’ll find that you can accomplish anything. Nothing starts from nothing, so it’s best to get things started, no matter how slow you may feel. Think of it this way: it’s a work in progress. You’ll be one of the best journalism graduates soon by simply doing what is asked from you.

Getting the best out of your Journalism Course reporter

Journalism can be a hard course to accomplish. But by following these tips, you can get through it. Putting into mind why you’ve decided to enroll for this particular course will help you strive on achieving your goals. Seeking role models and looking up to journalism graduates will assure you that hard work will result in success. By just simply starting things, you can see things through the end. Remember why you’re in journalism in the first place, and everything will soon follow.

How to Help Yourself Earn an MBA Degree

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

If you’re having a hard time earning an MBA degree, don’t worry. An MBA degree is a heavy investment that people tackle to accomplish and achieve a better standing in life. It’s normal to face some road bumps in the way. To help you out, here are a few tips that you may want to consider.

MBA program

It’s for your own good
Yes, it is. The stress involved in earning an MBA degree will help you tackle even more strenuous responsibilities and tasks in the future. The hardships and even failures you’ll encounter on the many classes you’ll be studying in your MBA program will help you shape up into a good and capable leader. So if you’re thinking that you can’t do it, don’t. You actually can.

I see it differently
Having a positive outlook in life can help you accomplish earning an MBA degree. Instead of saying how hard life is, say how challenging life is. Instead of dreading the fact that you’ll have to churn in a lot of paper work for an assignment, welcome it instead by thinking of all the new things you’ll learn. Thinking positive will help you move forward in your MBA program.

Get the ball rolling

In dealing with an MBA degree program, it’s best to think like a business leader. After all, that’s what you’re aiming to be, right? Now, take what you’ve learned – or in this case, currently learning – into action. What’s that about resource management? Make the most out of your available resources to finish that paper. Or remember the class on setting a timeline? Create your own so you’ll see which and what tasks need to be prioritized. Using your MBA degree skills while studying will effectively lead you an even more efficient business leader in the field.

online MBA program

Earning an MBA degree may, at times, seem an impossible feat to accomplish. But all you need to do is to believe in yourself. Understanding that all the effort and stress you’ll be encountering in the program is for your own benefit, will let you realize how lucky you are to be in such a situation as yours. Seeing things in a different light will let you push yourself in accomplishing your program tasks. Applying what you’ve learned as early as now will not only train yourself to be a good leader, it’ll also prove that what you’ve invested so much in actually works to your benefit. By following these simple tips in accomplishing your MBA program, you’ll soon be the business leader you’ve always aspired to be.