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Important things you need for your internship

Monday, May 14th, 2012

It is always important to be prepared when you have an event to go to, a task that should be accomplished or a person to talk to. Even in a battle, you should have the best weapons to win. When it comes to your internship, the best way to impress your boss and co-employees is to be prepared. You should always make a good first impression in order for your boss and your co employees to see you as a mature person who is fit for the job. These things that you need for your internship will reflect your personality and your dedication to what you’re doing. Here are the top things you need and should not forget when you go for internship:

1)      Notebook


You should never forget your notebook when you go for internship. This is where you will write your tasks and schedules for the whole day. Learn how to organize and manage your time. Your boss will definitely be impressed if you show them that you are always prepared and that you are writing down the important details he is saying.

2)      Laptop


Your laptop is another important object that you should bring when you go for internship. Your boss will definitely ask you to do some research most of the time. It is more organized and easier if you have your own laptop because this will help you to organize and search for your files easily.

3)      Ballpen/Pencil


Ofcourse you wouldn’t be able to take down notes if you do not have a ballpen. Always remember to bring a pen or a pencil when you go for internship so that you will be avle to write down the tasks given to you by your boss.

4)      I.D.


Some companies use I.D. ‘s to measure the attendance of each employee. This is something that you should not forget because your attendance depends on it and your boss will give you an impression that you have the tendency to neglect important things if you forget this.


Being a responsible individual is very essential especially when it comes to your work. This is one value that could help you be a better person and help you attain success in the future. Simple things like knowing your priorities will help you grow as a person. We should not forget the things that we need the most because these are the things that will help us to be productive and responsible in the workplace.

Tips on how to please your boss

Friday, May 11th, 2012

When you finally get a job or internship that you want, the first thing that you should always do is to prepare. Preparation is a process that will help you gain your self confidence and will help you adjust more easily to the people around you in your workplace. Your co-employees and your boss will be the ones who will be with you for a long period of time so better know them well. When you’re on the job, there are a lot of things that you should remember in order for you to stand out and excel. But most importantly, you should never forget that you do your work for yourself and to please your bosses. Here are some tips to guide you on how you can please your bosses:

1)      Be Honest


     It is important to be honest and loyal to the people you look up to. When you show your boss that you are sincere and loyal, then you will be viewed as someone who will stand with the company under any circumstance. Your boss will surely trust you with your works and your actions once you showed them your honesty.

 2)      Inform your boss


It is important that you always keep a close relationship with your boss wherein you should inform him/her about the things that they want you to do or accomplish. You should always inform him immediately on any important matter so that he could take necessary actions. Do not keep important things to yourself because things might go wrong. You should always be open to whatever your opinions are so you will have a better communication and relationship with your boss.

3)      Be positive

be positive

    Everybody wants a person who thinks in a positive way because it boosts your spirit to accomplish something and be inspired to work. Make better suggestions before your boss makes decisions. Learn how to look at the bright side of things because in that way, you will be able to accomplish things that you thought would be impossible to do.

4)      Accept Responsibility


Responsibility is one of the most important value that you must possess in being an employee. In order for your boss to trust you, show them that you can be reliable. Accept responsibilities and take challenges. A good performance will definitely impress your boss.

5)      Do your best


  You should always give your best in everything that you do. Show quality in all your tasks and keep on improving. Striving for the best is an attitude that your boss will surely like.

Remember all these tips and apply them when you get a job because they will surely help you build a strong relationship with your boss and would help you attain success.

Avoid getting late in your internships

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The best way to get the good side of your bosses in your internships is to always make a good impression. People hate employees who always come in late. It would be unfair to the other workers who woke up earlier than you just to be able to get to the office on time. Bosses also hate it when they are busy working on something and then you suddenly arrive behind schedule. If you continue doing this, you’ll surely get scolded for your lazy attitude. Here are a few tips to improve your punctuality.

  1. Alarm clock

When you are not used to waking up early in the morning, be sure to set your alarm clock. If you move slowly, you can set your alarm clock 30 minutes or an hour before you expect to leave the house. Always check if you set the time right because you might have exchanged AM to PM.


alarm clock

2. Move fast

Always be in a hurry. Do not relax because time flies by so fast without you noticing it.

hurry up


3. Be aware of the time

While doing your daily routine, always check what time it is so you will be aware if you will be late for office.

check time


4. Avoid night outs

If your work requires you to wake up very early in the morning, avoid going out to parties and staying up too late. If this happens, it will be hard for you to get out of bed the next morning.

avoid night outs


5. Prepare stuff you are going to need for work

Before going to bed at night, it is advisable to prepare the things you will need for work the next day. There are instances when you misplace your things and it will take you so much time to look for it the following morning if you do not organize your things beforehand.

prepare things


6. If it also takes a lot of time before you finally choose an outfit to put on, it is best to prepare what you want to wear the night before you go to work.



7. Be mindful of your time

Do not spend so much time putting make up and fixing your clothes.

woman putting make-up

8. Quick breakfast

Before heading out to your office, grab a quick breakfast so that you won’t starve when you start working. Noodles or bread will do as long as it will give you enough energy before lunch break.

quick breakfast


Everyone hates being late and no one can be able to help you but yourself. If you want to stay longer in a company that you like, you have to start improving yourself and try your best to come early always. Follow these steps and you’ll surely learn how to be an early bird in no time.

Surviving OJTs: Tips on improving yourself for your internships

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

In every college student’s life, one passes through the phase of having to go through an internship for a chosen company. This aims to help the students be exposed to different tasks in the office so that after graduating, they will be able to know what they will do when they start working. Usually, OJT’s only require students to be trained for a short period of time. However, even though this is just a short experience for the students, they should make the most out of it.  In order to survive in your OJTs, here are a few tips that you can follow to maintain a good relationship with your fellow employees and to establish a good impression to your boss.

  1. Be nice

Always greet your officemates. A simple Hi will do. When you meet your boss or officemates outside of the office, don’t be shy to greet them.

be nice

2. Be humble

If you are good at something, do not flaunt your talent. Do not tell your officemates what to do and brag about your skills. Instead, share your opinions and also be open to their suggestions. If you keep on bragging and showing off what you know, people will start to hate you.



3. Spend time with your officemates

During lunch breaks, do not go out alone. Talk to your officemates and bond with them. Eating and laughing with your officemates can establish good relationships. Find new friends and interact with the people around you.

eat with officemates


4. Be happy

When your boss gives you tons of work to do, do not stress yourself. Be happy and find the good thing in what you are doing. Just have fun and soon you’ll be able to finish everything without even noticing it.



In order for you to be happy in your work, you have to learn to love it. Being nice to your officemates in your OJT will help you when you work after college. In the office, competition is really tough and people would always comment on what you do. The important thing that you should remember is that you should not let other people bring you down. Do your best and be nice to your officemates even to the ones who judge you. If you know how to interact with other people and stay happy despite having tons of things to do, you’ll surely be successful in the future

Top Things you should do to Enjoy your OJT

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Top Things you should do to Enjoy your OJT

Being a student is what every teenager goes through in his/her life. We all have the same experiences of giving up, disappointments, achievements and lessons learned. But how do we manage to love the things that we do? How can character, decisions and experiences help us to be successful in our future? And how can these things help us in school related activities such as on the job training to make us better people?


How to enjoy your ojt

When you enter college, there’s this instinct that goes through your head that everything you will experience is everything that you will need for your future. You go through a lot of competitions whether it is outside of the school or in your own school community. One important experience you will go through is your OJT or on the job training wherein you experience working with co-employees and devote your time and focus on your job. When you arrive at the time wherein you are in search for your OJT, You should know the top things that would help you enjoy your internship. Here are the top things you should do in order to enjoy your OJT.

Know your interest

1.       Know your interests

A person will never love what he/she is doing unless it is something that he/she likes to do. The first thing that you should keep in mind in order to enjoy your OJT is to have a clear vision of your interests. In that way, you will be able to apply your skills on the job you are doing.

learn how to socialize


2.       Learn how to socialize

Second reminder that you should do is to learn how to socialize. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just the first day of your OJT, get to know your co-employees and learn how to build a good relationship with them. In this way, you will learn how to be comfortable around them.

Be confident


3.       Be confident and stand out

Give your best in everything that you do and show your capabilities because in that way you will be recognized and you will discover a lot about yourself even more.

4.       Be Optimistic

In every challenge that you will experience, always be optimistic. There might be disappointments along the way but keeping your head up will always help you move forward.




5.       Be satisfied

Be satisfied with what you love to do and strive for the best.

We should learn how to be happy with the things that we do because they build us as a person and helps us to become better. There are a lot of things that we will experience everyday that will help us to have a brighter future like OJT. Through this, we will be able to learn how to build a good personality that could help us to be happy and successful.

Top Gadgets Every Students Would Love to Have

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Who says that just because you’re students you can’t have access to the latest technologies available in the market today? Consider buying yourself one of the cool and useful gadgets listed below and make your school life more fun and convenient.


Noise-Canceling Headphones
If you’re not a fan of going to the library for some peace and quiet, then these noise cancelling headphones is the perfect alternative.


a digital music service very much similar to iTunes, the Spotify offers so much more than what the latter provides. Aside from being able to select specific songs from a selection, you could also sync it with Facebook and find out which among your friends like the same music genre as you do.


iPhone case/charger
Nothing beats convenience as having the Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 which is actually a dual iPhone charger and case at the same time. You could be sure that it will get the job done and help protect your iPhone as well.


Note-taking Ipad Application
This is one of the must-haves especially for students who are not into writing down notes with an ink during a class lecture. There are some apps which further allows you to do a voice recording while you are taking notes.

canon-powershot-sx200-is-121-megapixel-digital-camera-bluePowerShot Digital Camera
Try to have this gadget that can be used for taking pictures of things needed for your school assignments and projects. The Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS in particular is one of the best digital camera to buy as it promises to provide professional looking shots at a much affordable price.

water-powered-alarm-clock-with-thermometer-187-pWater Powered Alarm Clock
Don’t want to be late for class? Then this water powered alarm clock may be the best solution to your time management problems.  You don’t have to worry about batteries because this alarm only makes use of water, specifically electrolytic fluid. What’s more is that there is also an open lid reservoir where you can put flowers and other plants as well.


Solar Polar Backpack
Think of a backpack which is capable of charging phones, tablets and other technology devices. That’s what the Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack does. It has a two 2.0 Watt solar panels that can generate as much as 5 hours worth of energy from direct sunlight. It is waterproof, lightweight and is built to withstand force and pressure.

These gadgets should be used to aid students in their studies– not hinder them from getting good grades. So before you consider buying one, be sure that you really need them and that they could provide you with better alternatives that could help you ace your subjects.

Burned Out? Find out with this job stress checklist

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

So, it’s happening again. That burning feeling in your chest, like a massive black hole that seems to suck all joy in. Oh, right. It’s job stress – burnt out, and crashing down from work. But how exactly do you know if you’re suffering from job stress? Make sure by having this checklist ready:

1. Do you find waking up a chore (mainly because you have to go to work)?


Yes  No

2. Do you find it difficult figuring out which of your daily tasks you need to prioritize?


Yes  No

3. Do you see each job task as a useless routine?


Yes  No

4. Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere?


Yes  No

5. Do you regularly drink alcohol, just to forget and sleep your worries away?


Yes  No

6. Do you find it difficult to talk with your work colleagues?

Business conflict

Yes  No

7. Do you feel irritated whenever your boss asks you to do something?


Yes  No

8. Do you feel like going home whenever you head off to work?


Yes  No

9. Do you just want to lie down and sleep?


Yes  No

10. If given the chance, would you want to work some place else?


Yes  No

If you’ve answered yes to more than 5 questions, then more likely than not, you are suffering from job stress. Don’t worry, there’s always a chance to turn things around.

Dealing with job stress begins by having a positive state of mind. Remember why you’re working in the first place. Is it for the money? Or perhaps for learning something even greater? Whatever the reason may be, always try to recall why you’ve signed up for it in the first place. It’s a great way to motivate yourself through the bad days – it’s a goal that you may want to achieve someday soon.

Also, job stress can effectively be managed by simply talking about it. Ask your HR department for help. They’ll be more than glad to help out troubled employees. If you are shy of asking, you can always go to a close friend or a family member. No matter who they may be, nothing beats having someone to listen to your frustrations and troubles in life. The important things is letting go of that pesky, pent-up feeling – in a productive, constructive and healthy way.

Job stress can burn you out. But that doesn’t mean you can prevent it from happening. Fight back this condition by having this checklist out in the open. And start being happy by making a big smile on your face. Have a great day at work!

Life in Transit: Songs that make me Move my Feet to Work!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Having to commute daily to work, I encounter several things that I just need to get by with. From the heavy and unpredictable Manila traffic, inconvenient excuses as buses and sometimes irritable people – I just need to keep my cool and move on. And to help me do just that, a simple play-list will push me across the highway and into my office. Check out my choice tracks, for an idea on how I get to work.

Sugod (Sandwich)
Roughly translated as “Charge” in Filipino, this upbeat song makes me brave the crowded streets of Manila to get to work. It’s cool and catchy, a must when you need to distract yourself from the noisy chatter by that couple fighting across the bus chair in front of you. Plus, it brings a positive message as well – no matter how hard or stressful life is, all you need is rock and roll to survive!

Banyo Song (Razorback)
A must for me, if I need to get up from bed. Banyo, which means Bathroom or Comfort Room in English, generally depicts a Filipino stoner getting out of his bed to do his daily grind. Though it can be considered as a junkie’s anthem, Banyo Song’s heavy metal riffs and tough-guy Filipino lyrics will give you the jolt needed to speed up to work.

Magasin (Eraserheads)
Sometimes, any song from the Eraserheads will do the trick to get me to work. But I particularly like Magasin, since it deals with a person leafing through a magazine, somewhere in a crowded part of Manila. It’s a bittersweet song, which can serve as a helpful distraction from the ensuing chaos of commuting to work.

Mahal Kita Kasi (Nicole Hyala)
Laughter is the best medicine, and what a drug Nicole Hyala’s hit song is. Mahal Kita Kasi (which means Because I Love You) shows many of the Philippine’s popular pick-up lines. Funny and cheesy, with a catchy tune to boot, it always makes my commuting trips such a hassle-free affair. Try to listen to it – it’s great!

Commuting to work is as easy as it gets – if you’ve got the right tracks to back you up. Sugod will let you up and running to your office. The Banyo Song will let you out of your shower in no time at all. Magasin will let you notice your surroundings even more. And Mahal Kita Kasi will always bring a smile in your face. Create your own play-list as well, to have a stress-free commute.

Sweet Things to Do as an OJT

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Your OJT program may just be a phase in your life. But regardless of how short your time may be at your chosen company or firm, it’s best to make the most out of it. After all, you may learn some of the best skills needed to survive the workplace in here! So, it’ll not only mean good, but appropriate, to pay the right respect and dues to your employers. Check out these sweet suggestions, so that you can have a sweet OJT life:

Greet your Work Colleagues!
A simple hello can lead to a whole lot of good. Always remember that! Even if you have a slob for an office colleague, or if everyday seems to be a holiday for stress at your workplace, always make sure to greet your colleagues. Not only will greeting people lighten an entire office’s workplace, it’ll also leave a positive impression on yourself. Plus, it takes more muscles to frown, so smile and say hello instead!

Don’t Flaunt, Share your Talents!
Never – and I mean never – brag about your talents in your workplace. Chances are, you’ll pay for what your big mouth did. If you do think you can do things in a better, faster and more efficient manner than what your office is currently practicing, it’ll be better to share your ideas than flaunt it all around. You’ll no only help on getting the work load done in a faster way, you’ll help each other have a stress-free outlook as well.

Go for Ice Cream!
Spend some time with your work colleagues. This can be as simple as eating lunch together, or having some ice cream together. Creating a bond with your work colleagues effectively helps on creating a network, which can help you land actual jobs in the future. Plus, it won’t hurt to win a friend – it’s free, fun and can introduce you to a bigger and more beautiful world!

Having a sweet OJT program can lead into better and brighter opportunities for you. Greeting people from work will effectively lighten up the mood, whether it’s needed or not. Sharing your talents lets you show that you’re an asset, and not a show-off. And spending some time to bond with your work colleagues can help you create a career network, which can prove to be a big thing for you in your life. Have a sweet day at work, you OJT star!

Gear Up: 4 OJT Must-Haves

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

So, you’re up and ready for your OJT program. Now that’s a great way on having a good view on the real corporate world. But how sure are you that you’re ready? Check out these essentials, just so you won’t mess up your OJT experience.

Proper Attire
ojt must-have attire
This should be a given! Depending on the company you’ve applied form, there may be a dress conduct you’d need to follow. Don’t be a rebel and wear something that would stand out. It’ll be better to keep things safe, than be noticed for the wrong kind of attention.

Writing Material (Pen & Paper)
What? You may ask that question – it’s normal, after all. But never underestimate the humble pen and paper. Aside from listening to your superiors tell you your designated tasks and responsibilities, it will never hurt to write down what they said. It is always good practice to have something to refer to, just so you won’t make the higher management repeat themselves. Also, it shows good and sincere appreciation on taking work seriously – after all, you do want to work in the future, right?

Water Bottle
Again, what? Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water. Simply drinking water can help your body’s system circulate properly, making you move and do things in a much more proper manner. Plus, carrying your own bottle assures you that you’ll be saving time – no matter standing out to drink out at the water fountain to have a sip of water.

Yourself (Your head, that is!)
Not more whats! Think about it – bringing yourself (being conscious of your thoughts and actions) will not only let you pass your OJT program in a hassle-free manner, it’ll help you develop an even more responsible manner as well. Most OJTs take their programs for granted, that some just drift by in work. Don’t be dazed during this crucial period of your life, so that you won’t end up confused when you’re looking for an actual job.

Having the right tools for your OJT program can help you pass in flying colors. Wearing the proper attire shows that you respect the company. Having writing material ready shows that you’re interested in learning. A water bottle will always do the trick, and focusing on the matters at hand will help you get things done. Make sure to have everything listed in this article, to assure you of a hassle-free OJT. Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy a productive day!