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Is Being a Jejemon Stopping You From Getting Your First Job?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Let’s admit it, they’re everywhere. You might even be one of them but you’re not aware of it. But apart from the annoying way they write and express their feelings, what are the other nuisances of being a Jejemon and when do you have to set a limitation for using Jejemon speak?

Jejemons are mostly those people in their teen years, but there might be a small number of them who are already college graduates. If you’re a self-proclaimed Jejemon who’s already out of college and are looking for your first job, you might want to reconsider your way of texting or writing, especially when it comes to job hunting.

Is Being a Jejemon Stopping You From Getting Your First Job-JEJE alphabet

While you might come across a company which has a seemingly friendly environment, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you can speak however you want to in your cover letter and when replying to text messages. There are still guidelines that you have to follow. If you’re wondering why you haven’t been contacted for an interview schedule, you might be neglecting these following guidelines when job hunting:

1.Write a cover letter when you send in your resume through email
FACT: It’s not okay to leave the body of the email blank and just attach your resume when you’re applying online.
FACT: It’s worse to just say a simple “Hi” or even “Please hire me” on the body of the email.
FICTION: You don’t have to bother writing a cover letter when you know that your resume is already good.

2.Use proper English or Tagalog in your cover letter and when responding to the employers
FACT: If you get lucky enough to be contacted by an employer despite the previous blunder, you have to exert extra effort in maintaining the communication that you have. If you respond with jeje speak, you’re just throwing the opportunity away.
FACT: Business English isn’t mandatory, but you have to at least be polite with your response email.
FICTION: You can’t respond in Tagalog when you’ve been emailed in English. You actually can, especially if you don’t know how to express yourself in English well. But you have to make sure that it’s straight Tagalog as well, and maintain the politeness.

Is Being a Jejemon Stopping You From Getting Your First Job - Grammar

3.Respond properly through text. If you can help it, don’t make your message shorthand and unreadable. And of course, avoid using Jeje language at all costs!
FACT: Employers are nitpicks when it comes on the impression an applicant makes through his responses.
FACT: Grammar isn’t that big of a deal to some employers, but it is when you’re applying for a media-related or communications job.
FICTION: Employers base everything on what they read on your resume. Don’t be too sure-footed if you think that your resume is impressive. Sometimes, your communication skill is a bigger factor for some employers.

In job hunting, there are a lot at stake. Think of your job application as going to a blind date. You have to be impressive and dress well, put out your best foot forward, and of course back up everything you say or do with proof. There’s probably nothing wrong with being a Jejemon if you’re talking with your peers, but when it comes to applying for a job, you should learn the etiquette and follow them if you don’t want to stay a bum forever.

Is Being a Jejemon Stopping You From Getting Your First Job Success

If you need help with any of the areas mentioned above, here are helpful articles that you can read:

1. How to Write a Cover Letter in 3 Easy Steps
2. Job Hunting Guide for First Time Job Seekers
3. Job Interview Secrets

Don’t Give In To The Fear – How To Rid Yourself Of Fear Before Your First Job Interview

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Relieve Yourself of Fear By:

Let’s admit it: OJTs can get nervous before a job interview, especially if it is their first. For students, it is normal to feel this way since interviews can be totally unpredictable depending on the interviewer. Nonetheless, it does not mean that they should let their fear get in the way of getting hired. As you can see, even the most intelligent and most talented applicants fail in landing their part time jobs because of fear: fear that may say the wrong things; fear of talking to authority and many others.

Don't Give In To The Fear-worried

Worry not, dear students! It may be that from the moment you get the notice of your scheduled interview, you are already feeling the chills down your spine but there are ways in order to calm yourself during your very first job interview. These are actions you can do in order to calm your nerves and help your confidence surface.

So, here are the common ways to avoid being tense.

  1. Get a Good Night – Most of the time, applicants who get enough sleep are able to think well the next day. Those who do not get enough sleep tend to feel blank. This, in turn, may cause panic among students. It’s normal. Hence, one should definitely sleep early.
    Don't Give In To The Fear-Sleep
  2. Be an Early Bird – Not only does this make a good impression, but this will also give you the chance to compose yourself before your interview. If you are 10 minutes early, this will give you the chance to freshen up before your interview. It will also give you time to relax. Those who are late definitely panic. It’s self-explanatory. At the same time, because of the fact that your points have gone down in the face of your employer, you may actually feel nervous. Avoid being late!
  3. Breakfast– Eating can help stimulate the brain. If you’re feeling worn out, you can also drink coffee. It works for some people.
  4. Research – If you’re a first timer, you should definitely ask around. Seeking help is definitely not a sign of weakness. If you do not have any experience in job interviews, it is all the more good to ask about trick questions and other advice you should know. At the same time, there are times when employers ask you what you know about their company. So, you can do some extra reading through their official website, if they have one.

You Can Also Try:

Apart from these general ways to remove fear before an interview, you can also resort to other methods. These are what most applicants do nowadays.

  1. Listen to Music – Nothing beats your favorite song, right? For many people, listening to music can calm their nerves, especially when it is their favorite genres. If you have an mp3 or an iPod, you can grab it and listen before going to your interview.

    Don't Give In To The Fear-Music

  2. Mirror Magic – Practicing speaking in front of the mirror is a good idea. This will help you build up your confidence, even though it’s your own reflection. This way, you will be able to somehow feel like you are talking in front of an audience.
  3. Got Gum? – Chewing gum can actually relax. Some people do this as to remove stress. You can also do this to relieve yourself of nervousness. Actually, if you do not have any gum, you can try other candies.
  4. Pep Talks – This never fails! Try asking for assurances from your loved ones. These are people who have undergone interviews in the past and know you well. They will be able to comfort you and give you confidence.

You can try these methods in order to make your job interview a breeze. If you have another way, then do not hesitate to try it. Whichever works for you, of course! When your first interview is over, it’s a guarantee that your next set of interviews will be easier.

Good luck!

Clothes Make The Man or Woman – How To Make A Good First Impression During Your Job Interview

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

They say that we should never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, it is an important factor in job interviews. Some employers gauge the seriousness of their applicants through their appearances. Because of this, applicants must be wary of what they put on during their job interviews. Having the proper attire can actually do wonders for a person and the first impression employers get from him or her.

Basically, the best attire to wear is something that shows that a person is serious and professional looking. Believe it or not, there are some who appear in their job interviews wearing the same old casual clothes they are wearing. This shows disrespect to the company you are applying for because it shows that you see the whole appointment as a joke.

So, for starters, here are some things men and women can wear during their job interview. Follow this and they’ll automatically have a good impression on you.

Clothes Make The Man or Woman - Dress for success

For men, here are your options. These are the usual choices for men during their interviews:

  • A long sleeved polo shirt – button down or not
  • A short sleeved collared shirt – button down or not
  • Slacks
  • Neckties
  • Coats
  • Leather Shoes
  • Avoid denim jeans as much as possible


Research on what corporate clothes look like. Avoid wearing sneakers or slippers. When you have the perfect attire, you should focus on your hair. There are guys nowadays who fancy long hair. If you don’t want it cut, you should tie it up and keep the hair away from your face. At the same time, the person should maintain good personal hygiene. Cleaning your nails and shaving can make a good impression. At the same time, try to avoid piercings in the face, as well.

For women, here are your options. These are what women commonly wear during their interviews:

  • Blouses – button down or not
  • Skirts
  • Slacks
  • Coats
  • Closed shoes

Clothes Make The Man or Woman - Woman

It is always good to look your best. As mentioned, you should research on what corporate clothes for women look like. Fix your hair and make sure that it does not fall on your face. At times, it is nice to wear make-up. Do not over do it or else you might look like a stage performer. Try to look conservative for this represents professionalism and elegance at times. If you need help on what to wear, ask for help from those who have passed their own job interviews. Ask them what they did and what they wore.

Clothes Make The Man or Woman-Mens


Hopefully, these tips should help you pass the first impression – stage of your interview. Remember, looking good gives your future employers the impression that you are serious in applying to the opening. It may not be as important but clothes do make the man and woman.

Advice For OJTs – Tips On How To Impress Your Boss And Do A Wonderful Job

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The Interview’s Only The Beginning -Things OJTs Need To Know Before Working

You’ve done it! You have passed the interview and have gotten a practicum job! Good job for you. It only means that you deserve it because you strived hard in order to get accepted. Nonetheless, you not get overconfident during your stay. Although you have been hired, you can still get fired. Although it is rare, there are various cases where student or part time workers become fired because of bad behavior.

As you can see, you should work like any regular employee. In spite of the fact that you’re a student filling in the hours for your practicum subject or a person looking for a second income source, you should work your hardest. Your performance is evaluated by your employers every day and it will definitely reflect on your record, this is especially true for students who will present evaluation forms to their professors.

Advice For OJTs superior

Good Behavior And Extra Skills – How To Be, Not Just Good, But Great At Your Practicum Job

So, what does it take for an OJT to keep their job? Simple hard work is actually enough. Diligent workers are always duly noted in the work place. If the bosses see that you are eager to learn, then that’s definitely an added plus. You should also be mindful of your actions. You may be a part of the company but you should have respect towards authority. A pleasing personality is also favored.

An OJT who is has initiative is a team player. Whenever a direct superior asks you to do something for them, you should never say no. Although there are times when a boss asks you to do something you cannot do, you should try and never be afraid to ask questions. The boss will never give you anything that you can’t handle. Of course, you are an OJT and he or she knows how to limit the work given to you.

Most of all, employers appreciate a bit of extra skill. Simple skills in computer applications such Photoshop is actually becoming an asset nowadays. If you have this, you probably are an asset. Having extra abilities such as this can make your boss like you, even love you!

Advice For OJTs Hired

If you do well on your OJT, you will definitely have a great evaluation. The best part about this is that you may even have a job if your employers find you talented. So, who knows? Work hard and you might find yourself a fulltime job!

Best of luck to you!

Cover Letters – An Important Part of the Application Process

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

How To Make A Good Cover Letter

Cover Letters writer

Cover letters are as important as resumes. This is the first thing that employers will see when you present your resume to them, especially through e-mail. At times CVs are only used as extra reference about you. Whether the employer needs it or not, you should make an effort to make one. Cover letters will show employers that you are eager to work with them.

Making one is not difficult. There are, however, things you need to remember when you’re making one.

  • A greeting is definitely necessary when you are making a cover letter. Many times, applicants forget to show respect even in a letter. As you can see, employers take note of this. Start the letter with a nice greeting such as a Good Day or anything similar.
  • The whole letter should be organized. It should have an introduction to make you sound professional.
  • The rest of the body should have a summarized version of your achievements and strengths. To place relevant content, research on the company. Find out which of your strengths and accomplishments are fit for their goals. This way, the letter will be straight to the point.
  • After this, leave your contact details. Usually, your mobile number is good. Giving them a direct way to contact you is convenient for them. If ever they want to schedule an interview, it will save them time from going over your resume.
  • Do not leave the letter hanging. Always end the letter expressing your gratitude in advance. Although it is possible that you may not get a reply, it still shows great respect.
  • Proofread your letter twice or even thrice. Bad grammar and wrong spellings are equated to a bad impression. This will show employers that you just rushed your letter and that you are not that interested in the job. Remember this: the little things matter.

Cover Letters Rule

There are some templates out there for cover letters but if you look, this is what they commonly say. Taking into consideration this guide when you make your letter will not ensure you a job but it will definitely give you an edge over other people.

Skill Building Tip # 01

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Starting and maintaining a blog is one of the best ways of honing your writing skills. It enables you to practice how to properly construct your ideas, and it showcases your knowledge on issues important to you and your potential employer. Plus if you have a well-maintained blog, you could put it in your resume.

Skill Building Tip # 01 Blog

All types and skill levels are welcome…

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

If applying for an OJT job or become a trainee is what you have thought of doing but didn’t know how to go about it, you may be reading the right ad.

An electronics manufacturing company has OJT programs and Internships open this summer. For more details please contact:

All types and skill levels are welcome…

Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.
103 Trade Ave, Binan, Laguna 4034, Philippines
Tel.: +632756-6840 loc. 5188/5194


Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

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