Don’t Give In To The Fear – How To Rid Yourself Of Fear Before Your First Job Interview

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Let’s admit it: OJTs can get nervous before a job interview, especially if it is their first. For students, it is normal to feel this way since interviews can be totally unpredictable depending on the interviewer. Nonetheless, it does not mean that they should let their fear get in the way of getting hired. As you can see, even the most intelligent and most talented applicants fail in landing their part time jobs because of fear: fear that may say the wrong things; fear of talking to authority and many others.

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Worry not, dear students! It may be that from the moment you get the notice of your scheduled interview, you are already feeling the chills down your spine but there are ways in order to calm yourself during your very first job interview. These are actions you can do in order to calm your nerves and help your confidence surface.

So, here are the common ways to avoid being tense.

  1. Get a Good Night – Most of the time, applicants who get enough sleep are able to think well the next day. Those who do not get enough sleep tend to feel blank. This, in turn, may cause panic among students. It’s normal. Hence, one should definitely sleep early.
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  2. Be an Early Bird – Not only does this make a good impression, but this will also give you the chance to compose yourself before your interview. If you are 10 minutes early, this will give you the chance to freshen up before your interview. It will also give you time to relax. Those who are late definitely panic. It’s self-explanatory. At the same time, because of the fact that your points have gone down in the face of your employer, you may actually feel nervous. Avoid being late!
  3. Breakfast– Eating can help stimulate the brain. If you’re feeling worn out, you can also drink coffee. It works for some people.
  4. Research – If you’re a first timer, you should definitely ask around. Seeking help is definitely not a sign of weakness. If you do not have any experience in job interviews, it is all the more good to ask about trick questions and other advice you should know. At the same time, there are times when employers ask you what you know about their company. So, you can do some extra reading through their official website, if they have one.

You Can Also Try:

Apart from these general ways to remove fear before an interview, you can also resort to other methods. These are what most applicants do nowadays.

  1. Listen to Music – Nothing beats your favorite song, right? For many people, listening to music can calm their nerves, especially when it is their favorite genres. If you have an mp3 or an iPod, you can grab it and listen before going to your interview.

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  2. Mirror Magic – Practicing speaking in front of the mirror is a good idea. This will help you build up your confidence, even though it’s your own reflection. This way, you will be able to somehow feel like you are talking in front of an audience.
  3. Got Gum? – Chewing gum can actually relax. Some people do this as to remove stress. You can also do this to relieve yourself of nervousness. Actually, if you do not have any gum, you can try other candies.
  4. Pep Talks – This never fails! Try asking for assurances from your loved ones. These are people who have undergone interviews in the past and know you well. They will be able to comfort you and give you confidence.

You can try these methods in order to make your job interview a breeze. If you have another way, then do not hesitate to try it. Whichever works for you, of course! When your first interview is over, it’s a guarantee that your next set of interviews will be easier.

Good luck!

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