Free Jobs – Doing Volunteer Work for Hands On Manila

Getting a job, most often than not, is primarily a way for people to earn money. This is the reason why people go to school and study hard – in order to land a high-paying job in the future after graduation. However, there are certain jobs that really have no resources whatsoever to help you in earning money. These places just really need your genuine help – your skills and talents, in order for them to be able to reach their goals. These jobs are the volunteer works that you can do at the non-governmental institutions built in order to make the Philippine society a better place.

Free Jobs – Doing Volunteer Work for Hands On Manila

One of the avenues in which you can share your skill, talent, time, and effort is Hands On Manila. Hands On Manila has been established in 2011, precisely to have an innovative and alternative model of volunteer service. What makes this even more effective is that the different volunteer programs that Hands On Manila has are very flexible, depending on the kind of work or school schedule that you have.

Hands On Manila is a non-profit, non-governmental institution which aims to improve the different parts of our community in the Philippines. The mission of Hands On Manila is to mobilize people in order to address the serious educational, environmental, and educational needs within the Metro Manila area and some provinces through volunteer work. Hands On Manila truly believes in the power of volunteer action capable of creating change in society. Therefore, HOM is very much dedicated to empowering individuals willing to offer their time and effort in creating change in the Philippine community.

The volunteer programs of Hands on Manila has been the driving force of this institution, that makes it possible for them to truly be a significant factor for change in the Philippine society. Orientations for interested volunteers are usually given every last Thursday of the month. There is no registration or sign-ups needed for the orientations, In fact, walk-ins are very much welcomed. Over the years, HOM has had over 5,000 volunteers and 75 partner organizations in achieving their goals. There are even Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs for companies as part of a company’s corporate social responsibility projects.

Free Jobs – Doing Volunteer Work for Hands On Manila Group

You might say that doing these types of volunteer work will do nothing for you. As a matter of fact however, these kinds of work can give you a sense of fulfillment that high-paying jobs can never provide you – such as the gift of generosity and a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It will provide you with such rich and meaningful experiences, that no money can ever pay or compensate you.

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