How to Beat the Migraine Monster

It’s a great day today – or so you thought. You’ve got your books stuffed into your bag, your homework’s neatly folded and you’ve studied all night long just so you can get an awesome A in your class. Then it hits your head like a jackhammer. It slowly yet steadily drills its way into your skull, as you pray that it’ll end before your exam. Of course, it doesn’t. You’ll have to bear the deeper and constant slamming in your head, sweating your way, losing your focus and hoping that you’ll at least get a passing grade.

We, of course, are talking about migraine, folks. Probably one of the worst things that can happen to any student, it’s a sensation that’s better felt elsewhere. Anywhere but here, most students would scream! The funny (maybe not so funny after all) thing is that students actually make up of a big group of head-banging sufferers.

According to LifeWire, 20% of teenagers experience this stinging sensation in their heads. This presents a unique challenge for these kids, with most of their time being in school. Educational institutions demand an often high level of concentration and focus, a challenge that most students fail because of their jaw-dropping condition. Another problem is that most students decide to wing it, with no hope whatsoever for the pain to be totally cured.

With a major distraction looming among most students this day, both for their health and studies, certain precautions need to be observed to help stop the stinging pain in their heads. Safety, of course, is the number one priority, not unless you’re as bizarre as this guy:

Talk about pain! No, let’s stress that again, NO, you don’t need to lobotomize your skull! There’s hope for you, dear student readers of ours, to overcome your headaches! Simply drill (metaphorically, of course) these tips into your head:

Sleep Helps – Remember how your mom would fret whenever you stayed up late? She knows best – getting adequate sleep will help prevent pain setting in. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 8 1/2 to 9 1/4 of shut-eye nightly. Let the bed bugs bite, just as long you prevent that crumpling pain in your head from happening!

Stop Stress Now – The number one reason why most students encounter this type of pain is because of stress. Think about it: the heavy load of lessons you need to tackle, plus the demands of your social life will definitely result in stress. Make sure to practice having a calm state of mind in anything you do. Don’t let the small stuff sweat you out, for a bigger pain awaits you if you do!

Healthy Food, Healthy Results – Let’s go back to what mom always said: eat your greens. Moms are probably the smartest females in your species! Having a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables will lower the chances of you having a migraine. It’ll make you look and feel good as well, which are always plus points in school!

Water is Life – As much as you’d want to drink those energy drinks and tasty sodas, nothing beats water in quenching your thirst. Not only does it let you fill up the energy needed to go through a day (which, as you know by now, a day in school can feel like eternity), it also helps prevent you from having that irritating pain in your skull. Always stay hydrated in campus; better yet, have a water bottle handy in case you just need to sip on some cool H2O!

Take Supplements – Taking vitamins and Migraine Support Forumla helps your body to naturally build a defense against internal migraine conditions and triggers

Migraines may be a monster for students everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that beating these pesky threats isn’t possible. You can get over this pain! There is no need for anything drastic, just some simple yet effective tips can stop the banging in your head! Remember, get some sleep, keep calm, eat your veggies and drink your H2O! Win the fight over these cranium nightmares!

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