Improve your resume and get hired in your dream job

Even before you graduate in college, you dream of becoming a part of a high class company wherein you can be able to enhance your skills in whatever area you are good at. Although the problem is it is very hard to get hired in good companies. You might have experienced sending out resumes online, waiting for calls and texts but after a few days or weeks, you still do not get any calls from them. They haven’t replied to your email and you get really disappointed. One thing you can do in order to get hired easily is to make a resume that would catch the attention of the company. You have to make a resume that would stand out above the rest. So here are some few tips in improving your resume so you will have a greater chance in entering your dream job.

  1. Hyperlinks

When you make your resume, add links or screenshots of your work. Hiring managers usually do not easily believe what you put in your resumes so next time that you say that you’re a professional editor, put a hyperlink or screenshot that proves it.


2. Videos

You can use different video editing applications in creating your video resume. You can make your resume colorful and easy to remember by presenting it in a creative way.

video presentations

3. Slideshow

You can also do a slideshow which will feature your achievements and skills. You can put pictures and evidences of the things you’ve earned and of the things that you are capable of doing.

Slideshow presentation


4. Reverse Psychology

Sometimes you can try reverse psychology. Instead of telling the company of what you want or what you expect to do, try asking them what job they are going to offer to you.

Reverse Psychology

5. Twitter

You might also want to try twitter or “twesume”. This allows you to compose a resume with 140 characters and you can even post it as many times as you want in just a few seconds.

twitter resume


If companies haven’t replied to you for a few weeks already, maybe it is about time that you change or improve your resume. It is very hard to apply for a company but it is harder to be unemployed. Never give up in finding the right job for you. Try these steps and you might finally end up in a job that you want and you deserve.


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