Job Hunting Guide for Fresh Graduates

Discover What Qualities Employers Are Looking For Today

There’s a world of difference in applying for a job today and five years ago. Previously, a college degree is mostly what you need to have an edge against other applicants. But now, there are just so much available resources for improving your skills and expanding your field of interest that it’s almost not acceptable that you’re only good in one specific field. Find out the reality in job hunting now. These are especially helpful to first time job seekers so that they know how they’ll position themselves against other applicants today.

job hunting for fresh graduates

A college degree is not enough. As mentioned above, five years ago having graduated from a decent university might have already been good enough for a lot of employers. But with the surge or technology, qualifications and expectations have changed immensely, and competition has become stiffer. The increasing number of unemployed fresh graduates should already tell you how tough competition is and should be able to prompt you to focus more on developing your skills rather than bragging about where you graduated.

Experience is necessary. Whether it’s from an internship, organizations which you participated and learned greatly from, employers consider any kind of experience a plus in choosing applicants. Of course, you should back up your experience with proof, and this is where your skills and qualifications will come in. Experience where you didn’t learn anything significant from is not that attractive to employers.

online job hunting

Being an internet-savvy pays. Almost all kinds of job require you to be knowledgeable with at least the Microsoft Office applications and the basics of using the internet. Luddites have little chance of keeping up with the fast-paced working environment out there so you better condition yourself and gauge your technical skills to see how you can have an edge against other applicants.

Soft skills are just as important. Nowadays, individuals are realizing more and more that they are capable of doing things that are beyond what they learned from school, and employers are aware of this as well. So one of the best things you can do to get that edge is be a Jack of all Trades. Focus on developing your creative, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

job hunting for fresh graduates

With these changes in employers’ expectations, first time job seekers and those who are planning to shift careers should be mindful of what should go into their resume.

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