Know your Bosses for OJT

Just like in school, we look up to people who have high positions and these are our professors. No matter what happens we just always have to follow their rules. In the workplace, we experience people just like them and these are our bosses. When you go on your OJT, for the first time, you meet your boss and this is what gives you the feelings of excitement, frightened, stressed and pressured. There are different kinds of bosses that each of us will encounter and it takes a lot of days before you can actually win their kindness. The first personality of a boss is what we can call as:


good boss

1)      The Softy


This kind of boss gives you second chances. This is the type of boss who gives you the freedom to do anything you want but you have to make sure that it is quality work. The worst thing to do is hurt a softy’s feelings. The softy believes that things could be fixed in an orderly manner without giving pressure to the employees.


unsatisfied boss


2)      The Unsatisfied


Another kind of boss is the one who will give you loads of work to do and yet at the end of the day, the unsatisfied will tell you to revise some more and give them quality work. The unsatisfied has a lot of ideas that’s why when you’re under an unsatisfied boss, you better be patient and hardworking.

mysterious boss


3)      The Mysterious

The mysterious boss is the one who is not always around. You would have to be the one to figure things out and handle your work.

angry boss


4) The Monster

This is the type of boss that you would never wish to have. The monster is the boss who will always bring you down with negative comments about your work and your appearance. They would always find something negative to say about you especially if you are a new employee.

young friendly boss


5) The Buddy

This kind of boss is someone you would love to have. This has a personality of being fun and happy go lucky. He wants to be your friend who you can go out with for a drink or just hang out.


6)    The Miracle


The miracle boss is the one who is fun and supportive. This boss will give you an opportunity to learn and grow in the workplace.  This boss will help you to figure out the things that you need to do correctly and will encourage you to do your best.



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