How to Make Your First Resume

Graduating from college is such a fulfilling and happy experience. It is a full and proud recognition that you have successfully submitted all your class requirements, and have completely fulfilled all the things expected of you as a university student. However, the next chapter of your life begins – a chapter which you will decide for yourself. As there are college graduates who opt to go into further studies, law, or medical school; most graduates go into finding a job. Most will opt to join the workforce and hopefully, help out in the expenses of their parents.

No one however will specifically guide you and tell you step by step on what to do. The first and most important thing however, in beginning your search for work is preparing – and preparing well – your resume. You must be able to make a company think that you will be a great asset to their company, even only with your resume first. There are some key points to take into consideration when preparing your resume.

write resume - personal background

First, only put necessary things and facts about yourself in your resume. These would include your educational background, awards received, any internship or working experience, seminars attended and extra-curricular activities significant to the job you are applying to. Some people put very irrelevant personal information such as height, weight, etc. This is already unnecessary. Just remember to put information that will show your professional side.

Second, make a good layout for your resume. Although people may think that doing this is already not necessary, the layout or design of your resume is also important in catching the attention of any employer. According to research, there is only 20 seconds for your resume to make the right impression to any company, so also put an effort in outlining your resume.

writing a resume

Lastly, be honest about what you put in your resume. This is probably the most important thing you can do. Putting things that are not true or completely made up will only result to negative things. Once you are interviewed and hired and your employer asks you to perform something that you put in your resume, then how will you be able to carry this out? This will not only embarrass you, but will put your reputation on the line.

Remember, one’s resume is the very first avenue for any potential employer to get to know you well. They will form their initial impression of you through your resume, so you better make it comprehensive and extraordinary. Your resume will be your key into getting an interview with a potential employer. Therefore, it is very important to show your best through your resume.

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