Reasons to Take an Aptitude Test Before Entering College

March 16th, 2012

When I graduated from high school, I was faced with one big question– What course should I take in college? This is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks that a high school students face—that is, choosing what course to take after graduation. A wrong decision could end up in taking a college degree that you didn’t really like or enrolling in a course just because it’s popular and in demand.

That’s where an aptitude test comes in. Taking an aptitude test is an important step that most people try to skip in finding the best course– or even a future career. You want to know why it’s necessary for anybody who wants to decide on a career? Here are three reasons why you should consider taking one before entering college.

discover hidden talents - aptitude test

When you take an aptitude test you’ll be able to know more about yourself, especially about the talents and skills that you never thought you actually possess. This test can also highlight the areas where you are likely to have a potential talent in, therefore widening your horizon as to what field of study or career you should take in the future.

choose a career

The results of the aptitude test can aid you in creating your career plan– how you exactly want to be in the future. It’s really better to be sure as to the path you will take to achieve your goals instead of just aimlessly treading the waters hoping to find land. Aside from that, it can also help you in searching for the ideal job for you. It can be an effective way to build a better resume. Plus, you can easily ace your job interviews because you’d be able to properly identify your skills, strengths and weaknesses.

avoid trial and error in choosing a career

There are a lot of people with stories of changing their college degree courses more than twice because they can’t seem to find the right career field for them. Remember that tuition fees nowadays are unbelievably costly. That’s why playing the trial and error method in choosing your path is definitely not the best way. It’s better to study when you are armed with the right aptitude as well as the interest in your chosen career field.

aptitude test for college

An aptitude test can make a big difference in your future career– and life. When you take an aptitude test, you get to discover talents you never thought you have before. You can also have a clearer and more defined path for your career. Lastly, you get to do away with the ‘trial and error’ method in choosing your career. Take an aptitude test now and prepare yourself for a brighter career and future.

Top Gadgets Every Students Would Love to Have

March 9th, 2012

Who says that just because you’re students you can’t have access to the latest technologies available in the market today? Consider buying yourself one of the cool and useful gadgets listed below and make your school life more fun and convenient.


Noise-Canceling Headphones
If you’re not a fan of going to the library for some peace and quiet, then these noise cancelling headphones is the perfect alternative.


a digital music service very much similar to iTunes, the Spotify offers so much more than what the latter provides. Aside from being able to select specific songs from a selection, you could also sync it with Facebook and find out which among your friends like the same music genre as you do.


iPhone case/charger
Nothing beats convenience as having the Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 which is actually a dual iPhone charger and case at the same time. You could be sure that it will get the job done and help protect your iPhone as well.


Note-taking Ipad Application
This is one of the must-haves especially for students who are not into writing down notes with an ink during a class lecture. There are some apps which further allows you to do a voice recording while you are taking notes.

canon-powershot-sx200-is-121-megapixel-digital-camera-bluePowerShot Digital Camera
Try to have this gadget that can be used for taking pictures of things needed for your school assignments and projects. The Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS in particular is one of the best digital camera to buy as it promises to provide professional looking shots at a much affordable price.

water-powered-alarm-clock-with-thermometer-187-pWater Powered Alarm Clock
Don’t want to be late for class? Then this water powered alarm clock may be the best solution to your time management problems.  You don’t have to worry about batteries because this alarm only makes use of water, specifically electrolytic fluid. What’s more is that there is also an open lid reservoir where you can put flowers and other plants as well.


Solar Polar Backpack
Think of a backpack which is capable of charging phones, tablets and other technology devices. That’s what the Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack does. It has a two 2.0 Watt solar panels that can generate as much as 5 hours worth of energy from direct sunlight. It is waterproof, lightweight and is built to withstand force and pressure.

These gadgets should be used to aid students in their studies– not hinder them from getting good grades. So before you consider buying one, be sure that you really need them and that they could provide you with better alternatives that could help you ace your subjects.

Mastering Effective Leadership for College Students

March 6th, 2012

Being a leader in school can be really tough and cruel— you get to work with inconsiderate team members or you might be the one who gets reprimanded if your group is not able to finish a task or project that has been assigned to you. But you don’t have to curse your classmates and walk out on being a leader. There are some things that you can do to become an effective leader in school. Try to remember these tips when you are faced with the challenge of leading a team of young individuals like you.


Know how to listen.
It is important for you to know how to listen to their worries and concerns especially if it is related to your studies. Learn how to relate and empathize with them. Put yourself in their shoes so, you’d be able to know how to properly decide for the team. Also, see to it that you offer them advice as to the possible things that they could do about their problems.


Make a connection.
School is a place to gain lifetime friends— not enemies. No matter how hard-headed a person may be, always practice patience on him. Think first before you speak words that may hurt your team mate’s feelings and would cause you to regret those things that you said later on . Make sure to get your message across in the most effective way possible. When you are able to do that, you’d be able to encourage your team members to become more productive and eventually  gain respect in you as their leader.


Know your team’s capabilities.
To become a good and effective leader, you need to know the particular strengths and weaknesses of each of your team mates. Doing this can greatly help you assign particular tasks to them that they are really good at. Give them a task that you know they can accomplish and trust that they’d be able to finish it. Showing trust and respect for your group mate’s skills and capabilities is another way of becoming an effective leader.

When you become a well loved classmate and leader while you’re still in college, your peers will more likely be able to remember you, long after you’ve already graduated. Know how to listen to their needs, how to effectively connect with them as well as learn what your team mates are capable of doing. Follow these tips and you’ll definitely be able to master effective college leadership that you could use even when you’re not already in the academe.

Ways to Survive College

March 2nd, 2012

Sooner or later, you’d find yourself transitioning from the four years of high school and into the four years college. The life of a college student is challenging for nearly everybody. You’ve got to set meal plans, remember to pay your utilities and rent, balance extra-curricular events and organizations, keep being nice even to the terror professor… all of that, plus NOT FAILING any of your currently enrolled subjects.

For those who are struggling in college or preparing for college, here are some tips to an easier college life.

Believe YOU CAN
The moment you start having doubts and you keep entertaining negative thoughts, everything that would come out of you would be negative. Negative scores, negative paperwork, negative attitude… Well, need I say more? The most dangerous word is “CAN’T” because you’re subconsciously putting barriers from reaching goals. Always say “YOU CAN”.

It’s saying NO to procrastination
When a professor asks you to work on something such as a term paper, don’t let yourself be tempted on postponing the task and do it when the deadline is near. Not only do you potentially get to stress yourself, but also you’d be submitting a paper that just might be worth an F.

Take better notes, or if you haven’t been taking notes… START DOING SO
You remember what you write. So write everything that your professor says that is note-worthy. By doing so, you’re not only scoring those A’s but also… you’re putting information into your long term memory. Make sure your notes are also clean. If you’ve scribbled hurriedly at some point during discussion, find time to rewrite your notes. It’s easier to study when you yourself are not figuring out if what you’ve written is actually a ‘j’ or a ‘g’.

It’s working on a schedule
And be strict on yourself when it comes to following it. By doing so, you program yourself into good habits that will also serve you by the time you start working. Plus, you’re also getting the advantage of tracking whatever you have finished and what you still have to work on to.

Make setting goals a habit, so that you’ll be tracking your progress and you’ll be able to know what you want to do in life and career. And to further motivate yourself… Find a way to reward yourself with something you’ve wanted when you’ve reached a certain goal.

Pace yourself
Every big thing comes true via tiny steps. Learn to crawl before taking leaps. Make sure to enjoy what you do. When you’re enjoying something, it’s most likely that you will never get tired doing it. By enjoying, there’s lesser chances of you feeling burned out.

Reminders on why your OJT is Important

February 27th, 2012

An on-the-job training, or commonly called as OJT, can more or less be termed as the defining moment of your college life. Even more so than your thesis, or actual grades, being in the right OJT program can make – or break – your bright career future.

If you are about to have your first step into the OJT world, or are already in it, you may want to check these 3 factors – just to remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place:

Basic Skills – Not so Basic after all
Most college students (not all though) live a sheltered, carefree life. The typical college student schedule would revolve around waking up, attending classes and partying. Still, most students would already have all the necessary basic office skills (such as typing, researching, some special computer program manipulation) to get school work done.

But as you would first notice working as an OJT, everything may not seem to be that basic at all. What was taught at school may differ greatly at work. Typing up reports may seem to be a hassle, especially if the firm you’re having your OJT at follows a strict styleguide. Creative input, which is especially needed for graphic artists are now bound by deadlines and client preferences. Nevertheless, an OJT equipped with the most “basic” work skills may only find them further enhanced, after being exposed to real office or work protocols.

Real Office Life
And speaking of real, nothing comes as close to work reality than being in your OJT program. There would be no late night parties, no more waking up until it’s noon moments. You’ll get to experience being in a grind, of being part of the corporate rat race. You’ll also get a fresh breath of professionalism, on knowing what real office etiquette is. It’s real, after all – you have to get used to it, for you’ll be in working in a few months or so!

Future Perfect
Careers - Road Sign
It may sound grim, seedy and pessimistic; but your OJT program may be the ticket to your future success. You may even be culture-shocked or frustrated. But you don’t need to worry, for everyone does!Instead of sulking and wishing that your OJT hours are already up, take into consideration the time you’re working as an opportunity. Learn the best and know the worst things in working.

Your OJT program is important because it offers you an opportunity to grow. Make sure to learn from it. Hope you have a great time at work, and good luck!

Helpful Tips in Choosing an Online MBA Program

February 23rd, 2012

Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees today. The reason behind this is that as the world moves forward to a more corporate economy, company qualifications for their employees become more competitive. An MBA-holder is likely to be what they are looking for. So as an eager young adult who wishes to have the edge that all companies seem to be looking for, you take the plunge and earn yourself that degree. But how? Juggling your full time work and responsibilities at home doesn’t give you the required time necessary to enroll in a business school. Not to worry. More than half of all MBAs granted in the United States over the last decade or so have been to part time students.

An online MBA Program allows you to finish the degree in the limited time that you have. And considering it’s online, all you need is a good Internet connection and you’re all set. However, the next step here is choosing the best online MBA Program for you. This requires much attention and keen selection because you wouldn’t want to invest your time and money to a fly-by-night scheme.

1. Decide what is best for you
05_Flatbed_WEB - AUGUST
Consider the situation you are in right now and what sort of program you are open to. That way you will know how to eliminate unnecessary ones and focus on those that would meet your needs. Some students prefer the occasional “meeting program” in an actual school setting, whereas others may not have the time for it. Some need to accomplish their MBA as soon as possible, whereas for other,s they can only allot a limited amount of time a day. Understanding your needs and knowing what you want will help narrow down the choices.

2. Look into its History, Background and Accreditation history student (c) John Houlihan_218px
You will know if an institution is offering high quality education if the programs they offer are accredited by legitimate accrediting bodies. A look into the school’s background as well as its faculty members and their qualifications can help you in determining your choice.

3. Check your financial status
College fund
Sometimes, employers take it upon themselves to financially aid their employees in their continuing education. If that’s not the case, review your finances and find a program that is within your spending means. Although better career opportunities await you once you finish your degree, remember that it is not something that will happen instantaneously. Try not to be overwhelmed by your unseen future and focus on the situation at hand. Be realistic and don’t overspend on what you cannot afford.

Your continuing education shouldn’t be something that you take for granted. With the slight difference of it being online, you should treat the MBA Program with the same enthusiasm and seriousness you would in a classroom education. Remember that you are exerting this much effort for your own professional growth, so take it seriously and soon you will reap the rewards.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Summer Job

February 19th, 2012


When summer rolls around, most likely a summer job isn’t at all an entertaining idea. It’s something you haven’t really pondered with, unlike what you’re going to do when you’re with your friends, where you’re going to hang out… You’ve spent a few months in school studying so hard (I’m assuming you’re a good student, alright?) and of course, you’d want to spend the whole summer sleeping in late and doing all those television series marathons that you’ve missed during the school days.

But you should know that sacrificing a few meet-ups or gatherings with your friends to accommodate a summer job would yield a lot of benefits:

Summer jobs allow you to earn more
Just imagine all the great things you’d be able to get. You won’t be relying entirely with the money your parents are giving you so it just might be so possible that you’ll be getting that amazing phone you’ve been goggling  on the mall sooner than you’ve thought.

A learning opportunity
You’ll learn a lot, not only when it comes to the different work you’ll be exposed to, but also on the expectations of your boss and colleagues. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself; giving you the advantage on knowing what part of yourself needs work and what part of yourself you should be proud of.

You gain confidence and stronger people skills
Your job will most likely expose you to a new environment and different sets of people. You’ll have the advantage of learning not only befriending other people, but also managing conflicts that may arise.

Helps in the smooth transition into the professional environment
If you’ll take a summer job, you won’t be entirely clueless as to how the professional environment works. Treat it as slowly introducing to yourself the life that you will be living until you’ve reached retirement.

It’s another feather in your hat
Employers will most likely be happy to see that you’ve spent your summer in something worthwhile.

If after reading this article and you still aren’t convinced into taking a summer job, then do not worry. I am in no way pressuring you to do so. Maybe you’re just not ready yet, but do give it time to think about. Summer jobs do not only give you extra money, but will also help develop your skills and ease you into the transition into adulthood. It’s a possible stepping stone and training ground to step in today make you ready for tomorrow’s success.

Resume Pitfalls Fresh Graduates Should Know

February 14th, 2012

Attractive young female using a laptop

Fresh graduates will often find it difficult to get a work fresh out of school. You see, companies’ as much as possible refuses to invest in training employees, so they would rather get someone with a job experience already. But do not worry, there is actually a lot of work here in the Philippines, the challenge tough is with the hiring process.

If you’re a fresh graduate, it’s most likely that you are trying to figure out how to make a resume. You’re lucky if your school teaches you to sell yourself with the use of a resume, but some other schools don’t and you end up having to figure things out on your own.

If you’re confused as to where to start, well… first Google resume samples. But do not copy them. I repeat, do not copy them as you see it and just edit parts of it. Don’t be lazy like that, okay? Just follow their outline, such as what they look like the indentions and things like that.

A resume is something that will summarize your skills and is the one that’s going to market yourself to your employers. You have to make it good. There is no one size fits all resume, because a resume should always reflect your personality. And of course, everybody has a unique personality hence your resume cannot possibly be exactly the same as someone else’s.

Since you’re a fresh graduate, your resume will most likely fit in one page (unless you’ve been active in a lot of organizations and attended a lot of seminars during your stint in school). Do not worry of how short your resume will be. Your future employers won’t be expecting pages long resume from you since you are a fresh graduate. You do however should avoid these resume pitfalls:

Resume Pitfalls

Avoid cutting out pictures from somewhere
Guys, do not be lazy. I mean, how long will it take to have your id picture taken and developed? Believe it or not, there are some people who actually cut their picture from another picture and paste it on their resume. Do not imitate these people.

Change your email address
If your email address is something like [email protected]… Guys., never even think about putting it in your resume. Submitting a resume with this email address would make you look unprofessional. Make an email that would comprise of your first and last name as a safe option.

Always review your resume in case you may have missed something. Re-check and edit bad grammar or spelling mistakes. It will reflect badly on you if your employers would find a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes on your resume.

A College Survival Guide

February 9th, 2012


College is definitely one of the most exciting time in someone’s life. It is a period of greater freedom compared to high school. Your time in college is truly a great way of learning about your real interests, discovering your strengths and weaknesses, determining your life goals, making big mistakes, meeting some of the best people you will meet in the world, and achieving things you didn’t know you could do.

However, your time in college will end eventually and at times you wouldn’t even notice it. The next thing you know, you’re wearing your toga and receiving a rolled up piece of paper on stage. Making mistakes and having several regrets are definitely part of the whole college experience. However, these following guidelines may just help you do better in this life of greater parental freedom.

In dealing with terror professors, there is really no one answer or one path to take in order to pass a class. Terror teachers are different even if all of them are basically – terrorizing. One of the best things that you can do is to attend class on time and never miss a session as much as possible. In this way, this teacher will realize that you at least make an effort to go to her class every time. It also wouldn’t hurt if you try to do well in the requirements that this teacher give. Believe this, sometimes trying is one of the greatest things needed to pass.

No matter how you prepare well for all the requirements you need, procrastinating will still definitely be part of your college life. There will be days, weeks, and months when all your teachers seem to have agreed to make all their requirements due on the same time. Do not fret, because once your adrenaline and stress levels are up, you will be typing and studying away like you never thought you can do before. You will however, rely on a lot of caffeine or different energy bars or drinks. You will learn how to survive with two hours worth of sleep just to recharge your mind and body. Do not worry though, this is the reason why you have friends to count on to and sembreaks to look forward to.

Budgeting your allowance is important especially if you receive a limited allowance from your parents. You will be spending not only for food, but depending on your lifestyle, commuting fare, gas money, photocopying fees, even clothes and alcoholic beverages from time to time. You can budget by bringing food to school, riding with your parents to school, and limiting unnecessary spending.

Dealing with useless group mates is a difficult thing to do. There are those who are very much willing to help in projects but produces work that are entirely useless and insignificant. There are those kinds however who will not really show up but get the grade anyway. While they may be frustrating, talk with all your group mates who are exerting real effort to produce good work. Concentrate on finishing the work needed even if there are just only two of you working your butts off out of five people. In the end, you can just inform your professor about this problem and let him deal with the others.

In college, you will experience a number of failures and successes. However, remember failures will only serve as a reminder to keep trying even better and that no one is really perfect. Everyone will eventually experience this. Just try again and remember that effort always counts. In achieving success, remember not to be too complacent but keep in mind to also reward yourself appropriately. Hopefully, these college survival tips will be a good way of easing your way through this time of your life.

Burned Out? Find out with this job stress checklist

February 4th, 2012

So, it’s happening again. That burning feeling in your chest, like a massive black hole that seems to suck all joy in. Oh, right. It’s job stress – burnt out, and crashing down from work. But how exactly do you know if you’re suffering from job stress? Make sure by having this checklist ready:

1. Do you find waking up a chore (mainly because you have to go to work)?


Yes  No

2. Do you find it difficult figuring out which of your daily tasks you need to prioritize?


Yes  No

3. Do you see each job task as a useless routine?


Yes  No

4. Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere?


Yes  No

5. Do you regularly drink alcohol, just to forget and sleep your worries away?


Yes  No

6. Do you find it difficult to talk with your work colleagues?

Business conflict

Yes  No

7. Do you feel irritated whenever your boss asks you to do something?


Yes  No

8. Do you feel like going home whenever you head off to work?


Yes  No

9. Do you just want to lie down and sleep?


Yes  No

10. If given the chance, would you want to work some place else?


Yes  No

If you’ve answered yes to more than 5 questions, then more likely than not, you are suffering from job stress. Don’t worry, there’s always a chance to turn things around.

Dealing with job stress begins by having a positive state of mind. Remember why you’re working in the first place. Is it for the money? Or perhaps for learning something even greater? Whatever the reason may be, always try to recall why you’ve signed up for it in the first place. It’s a great way to motivate yourself through the bad days – it’s a goal that you may want to achieve someday soon.

Also, job stress can effectively be managed by simply talking about it. Ask your HR department for help. They’ll be more than glad to help out troubled employees. If you are shy of asking, you can always go to a close friend or a family member. No matter who they may be, nothing beats having someone to listen to your frustrations and troubles in life. The important things is letting go of that pesky, pent-up feeling – in a productive, constructive and healthy way.

Job stress can burn you out. But that doesn’t mean you can prevent it from happening. Fight back this condition by having this checklist out in the open. And start being happy by making a big smile on your face. Have a great day at work!