Life in Transit: Songs that make me Move my Feet to Work!

January 30th, 2012

Having to commute daily to work, I encounter several things that I just need to get by with. From the heavy and unpredictable Manila traffic, inconvenient excuses as buses and sometimes irritable people – I just need to keep my cool and move on. And to help me do just that, a simple play-list will push me across the highway and into my office. Check out my choice tracks, for an idea on how I get to work.

Sugod (Sandwich)
Roughly translated as “Charge” in Filipino, this upbeat song makes me brave the crowded streets of Manila to get to work. It’s cool and catchy, a must when you need to distract yourself from the noisy chatter by that couple fighting across the bus chair in front of you. Plus, it brings a positive message as well – no matter how hard or stressful life is, all you need is rock and roll to survive!

Banyo Song (Razorback)
A must for me, if I need to get up from bed. Banyo, which means Bathroom or Comfort Room in English, generally depicts a Filipino stoner getting out of his bed to do his daily grind. Though it can be considered as a junkie’s anthem, Banyo Song’s heavy metal riffs and tough-guy Filipino lyrics will give you the jolt needed to speed up to work.

Magasin (Eraserheads)
Sometimes, any song from the Eraserheads will do the trick to get me to work. But I particularly like Magasin, since it deals with a person leafing through a magazine, somewhere in a crowded part of Manila. It’s a bittersweet song, which can serve as a helpful distraction from the ensuing chaos of commuting to work.

Mahal Kita Kasi (Nicole Hyala)
Laughter is the best medicine, and what a drug Nicole Hyala’s hit song is. Mahal Kita Kasi (which means Because I Love You) shows many of the Philippine’s popular pick-up lines. Funny and cheesy, with a catchy tune to boot, it always makes my commuting trips such a hassle-free affair. Try to listen to it – it’s great!

Commuting to work is as easy as it gets – if you’ve got the right tracks to back you up. Sugod will let you up and running to your office. The Banyo Song will let you out of your shower in no time at all. Magasin will let you notice your surroundings even more. And Mahal Kita Kasi will always bring a smile in your face. Create your own play-list as well, to have a stress-free commute.

Sweet Things to Do as an OJT

January 22nd, 2012

Your OJT program may just be a phase in your life. But regardless of how short your time may be at your chosen company or firm, it’s best to make the most out of it. After all, you may learn some of the best skills needed to survive the workplace in here! So, it’ll not only mean good, but appropriate, to pay the right respect and dues to your employers. Check out these sweet suggestions, so that you can have a sweet OJT life:

Greet your Work Colleagues!
A simple hello can lead to a whole lot of good. Always remember that! Even if you have a slob for an office colleague, or if everyday seems to be a holiday for stress at your workplace, always make sure to greet your colleagues. Not only will greeting people lighten an entire office’s workplace, it’ll also leave a positive impression on yourself. Plus, it takes more muscles to frown, so smile and say hello instead!

Don’t Flaunt, Share your Talents!
Never – and I mean never – brag about your talents in your workplace. Chances are, you’ll pay for what your big mouth did. If you do think you can do things in a better, faster and more efficient manner than what your office is currently practicing, it’ll be better to share your ideas than flaunt it all around. You’ll no only help on getting the work load done in a faster way, you’ll help each other have a stress-free outlook as well.

Go for Ice Cream!
Spend some time with your work colleagues. This can be as simple as eating lunch together, or having some ice cream together. Creating a bond with your work colleagues effectively helps on creating a network, which can help you land actual jobs in the future. Plus, it won’t hurt to win a friend – it’s free, fun and can introduce you to a bigger and more beautiful world!

Having a sweet OJT program can lead into better and brighter opportunities for you. Greeting people from work will effectively lighten up the mood, whether it’s needed or not. Sharing your talents lets you show that you’re an asset, and not a show-off. And spending some time to bond with your work colleagues can help you create a career network, which can prove to be a big thing for you in your life. Have a sweet day at work, you OJT star!

Gear Up: 4 OJT Must-Haves

January 18th, 2012

So, you’re up and ready for your OJT program. Now that’s a great way on having a good view on the real corporate world. But how sure are you that you’re ready? Check out these essentials, just so you won’t mess up your OJT experience.

Proper Attire
ojt must-have attire
This should be a given! Depending on the company you’ve applied form, there may be a dress conduct you’d need to follow. Don’t be a rebel and wear something that would stand out. It’ll be better to keep things safe, than be noticed for the wrong kind of attention.

Writing Material (Pen & Paper)
What? You may ask that question – it’s normal, after all. But never underestimate the humble pen and paper. Aside from listening to your superiors tell you your designated tasks and responsibilities, it will never hurt to write down what they said. It is always good practice to have something to refer to, just so you won’t make the higher management repeat themselves. Also, it shows good and sincere appreciation on taking work seriously – after all, you do want to work in the future, right?

Water Bottle
Again, what? Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water. Simply drinking water can help your body’s system circulate properly, making you move and do things in a much more proper manner. Plus, carrying your own bottle assures you that you’ll be saving time – no matter standing out to drink out at the water fountain to have a sip of water.

Yourself (Your head, that is!)
Not more whats! Think about it – bringing yourself (being conscious of your thoughts and actions) will not only let you pass your OJT program in a hassle-free manner, it’ll help you develop an even more responsible manner as well. Most OJTs take their programs for granted, that some just drift by in work. Don’t be dazed during this crucial period of your life, so that you won’t end up confused when you’re looking for an actual job.

Having the right tools for your OJT program can help you pass in flying colors. Wearing the proper attire shows that you respect the company. Having writing material ready shows that you’re interested in learning. A water bottle will always do the trick, and focusing on the matters at hand will help you get things done. Make sure to have everything listed in this article, to assure you of a hassle-free OJT. Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy a productive day!

OJT: Become A Golf Writer Now

January 16th, 2012

Still not sure where to do your On the Job Training this year? If you are an avid fan of sports particularly golf, then you might consider applying for an internship as a golf writer at GolfPH– the number one online golf resource in the Philippines. Don’t worry about not being enrolled in a sports-related course because all you need is an interest in golf, a passion for writing and of course– a drive to be the best at whatever you’re doing.


GolfPH is looking for dedicated and responsible college students who are ready to take the challenge of writing about golf. Like any other sports, mastering the game of golf requires discipline and patience. So, if you can work well even without anyone watching your back and can accomplish quality articles even under extreme pressure, then this job just might be suitable for you. In golf, you also get to meet a lot of people. That’s why the company is seeking for someone who has a good personality and can establish a lasting rapport with the possible clients of GolfPH.


As an intern for GolfPH, you will be tasked to write various articles regarding golf. These articles include golf news, tournaments and press releases. You may also be asked to write comprehensive reviews on the different golf courses in the Philippines, especially those that are affiliated with the company. Aside from that, whenever the need arises, you will also be required to represent the company in different golf gatherings such as tourneys, conventions, etc.


Since you will be mostly writing for GolfPH, it is necessary for you to know the basic computer skills and various applications such as MS Word and MS Excel. The clients of the company are usually people from other countries that’s why proficiency in both written and verbal communication is a must. And of course, since you will be dealing with golf most of the time, it will be a plus factor if you have a firsthand knowledge of the sports or better yet have an experience playing the game.

Golf is a highly-rewarding sports in the Philippines, so why not consider a career in that? If you think you have what it takes to become a golf writer intern at GolfPH, send your resume to [email protected] now. Never pass up the chance to become part of one of the biggest golf resource companies in the Philippines!

OJT Songs: Because you need to Rock through the Day!

January 14th, 2012

Most OJTs treat their program as such a chore, that they can’t perform at their best and optimal performance. It’s such a shame, actually, considering that some fail an otherwise-simple program. Worst, others create a negative impression on the general workplace, that it’ll be hard for them to look for an actual job in the future. Don’t let this be the case for you – simply rock on! Listen to these choice tracks to make you get through your OJT grind:

Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)
Yes, you can listen to this – we don’t need no education – as a way to fight the system you’re currently in (ironic, isn’t it?). It’s a healthy exercise, listening to Pink Floyd that is. You wouldn’t need to dwell into negative activities just to show you are against your current situation. Besides, the song’s beat is mesmerizing – making you get into the flow, and get things done. You wouldn’t notice that time flies by with this song!

Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N’ Roses)
welcome to the jungle single image cover gnr
As a welcome entry into the corporate world, listen to this hard-hitting song. As cheesy as it may sound, Guns N’ Roses can actually help you conquer you OJT woes. It’s a must as well, since that song’s so catchy – you and probably your work colleagues may soon be screaming your lungs out with this one! And as an added stress-reliever, try to air guitar Slash’s guitar solo. You just know that you want to!

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
Sometimes, all it takes to get through your OJT sentence (I mean program!) is comedy. With a healthy dose of laughter, and a sprinkle of one of history’s best rock acts, you’ll be laughing and singing through the pain! Channel the Freddie Mercury out of yourself, and you’ll soon find yourself invincible against any OJT hurdle.

All it takes is some simple rock music to take your OJT pain away. Heck, it’ll help speed up your hours – you’ll be done in no time at all! Another Brick in the Wall introduces a healthy alternative on rebelling against a system. Welcome to the Jungle helps you psych yourself up to face the different problems that you may encounter. And the Bohemian Rhapsody will not only bring in the laughter, but let you sing – with the entire office – that you’re all champions. Rock on, young OJT! And have a productive day at work!

3 Movies to Inspire Your OJT Life

January 6th, 2012

In a fret dealing with the OJT program you’re in? Don’t be – it’s temporary after all! But regardless of it being temporary, you need to make a good and able impression to pass it. So if you find yourself of some needed pick-me-ups during your OJT, try watching some movies to boost up your mood! Check out some of these choice flicks:

500 Days of Summer
It’s a must, when you find yourself in a drag, to watch this movie. Tom, a young, under-accomplished postcard writer, fell in love with the vibrant Summer. Chaos – typical of any romantic relationship – ensues, leading into Tom to review his life’s stand. What makes this movie so appealing for OJTs is its approach – artsy, yet popular at the same time, just right for the young, underdog crowd. Also, OJTs can learn how to prioritize what they need in life, that they would need to separate the “real” from the “ideal”.

Almost Famous
If you feel like being the new – or youngest – guy in a company is a curse, then watch this movie. William Miller, an accelerated student (at age 15, about to graduate from a University), feels the pain and struggles of being the youngest guy in a group. Age is such a matter for him, that most publishers (William’s a good – yet aspiring journalist) reject his work when they find out how old he is. Having to land a chance to write for Rolling Stone (by faking his age), he then gets an assignment to write about a rock band. What follows is a coming-to-age story, of has-beens and dreams. Almost Famous would resonate well with OJTs mainly because of William. Sometimes, age can be a factor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live and love your dreams because of it.

Yes, the epic movie! OJTs will get a thrill on relieving Leonidas fight with the Persians. It’s like work, actually – no matter the odds, if you plan and face problems head on, you can accomplish anything. No Persian magic, assassin or army will defy you in your work! Plus, the line, “THIS IS SPARTA” is a good way to boost one’s ego!

Inspiring yourself to finish your OJT program can be done by simply watching movies. Make sure to watch these movies to pull yourself up – if you’ve dug yourself a hole! Good luck with your OJT program, and hope you have a productive day!

How to Appreciate Your OJT

January 2nd, 2012

It’s a part of life, a necessity in order for you to grow. Heck, it’s a requirement needed for you to graduate from college. I’m talking about your on-the-job-training! Depending on the course you’ve enrolled to, you’re bound to complete a certain amount of hours in a certain firm or company. And, if you’re as lazy as that rock you’re stepping on when you head out to school, you’d need to step up your game to get through the OJT program. Here are a few tips to help you out on just that:

It’s as elementary as it gets, but having an open mind – and ears – will help you finish your OJT program in no time at all. This will help prevent your bosses from repeating the same instructions to you all over again, making you finish tasks needed to be done. Make sure to listen and follow all directions that were given to you. If needed, write them down – there’s no shame in having a handy sheet of paper and pen ready. You need all the help you can get to get through the program.

Help Where You Can
Just because you weren’t asked to do something, doesn’t mean you can’t help out. If you do have a skill or talent needed to help out your work colleagues, then offer it. An extra pair of hands to finish a given task can help get things done in a much more faster way. It’ll also help you build rapport with your work colleagues, and hopefully get you a good word from your superiors.

New Friends
It’s just work, nothing personal – wrong. Just because you’re working in a firm for a certain amount of hours only, doesn’t mean you can’t get to know the people working there. Creating and building up new friendships will give you a good idea on how working in the real world is. It’ll also help you to create a future career network, which can potentially help you out in looking for an actual job.

Appreciating your OJT can be easy, if you allow yourself to enjoy it. Make sure to listen to avoid wasting other people’s time. Help out when and where you can, to show how sincere you are in working. And make sure to create new friends, to lighten up your mood in work. Hope you have a successful and productive time in your OJT!

6 Great Tips in Writing Your Student Resume

December 12th, 2011

If you are planning to apply for a summer or an internship job this vacation, then it is best if you would begin to construct your student resume as early as possible. It is important for you to realize that being able to effectively write a great resume can determine whether you get to be accepted for a job or not. However, it can be a little different from that of the typical resume. So, to help you write your own resume, here are the things that you need to remember in writing one.

tips in writing resume

  • Always have a qualifications summary included in your resume to be able to help your prospective employer have an idea as to how you would be able to contribute to the company.
  • Give importance to your education by putting it on top of your resume instead of writing it at the bottom because you have to remember that it is the most important information that you can provide your employer especially if you have no work experiences yet to include.
  • You could also choose to include all those extra curricular activities and courses that you may have taken in the academe that can be truly considered related to the position that you are applying for.

sample student resume

  • You might also include unrelated jobs in your resume provided that you can be able to do that in the right way— choose the important aspects of your work experiences that can be considered relevant to the needs of the company even if you were able to get it from another type of industry.
  • Try to write your skills that you think are what the company needs and be sure to emphasize them in your resume.
  • You could also try to list all the achievements as well as the activities that you did in the past that you think may be related to the job that you’re applying for but be sure that your resume would not exceed two pages when you decide to include them.

student resume for OJT

Resume writing is the first important step that you need to prepare yourself with if you want be accepted for a particular job position. Try making your own student resume now not only for your much needed application but also as a way to perfecting your resume writing. Just see to it that all the important information stated above are included and you’ll be sure to land that summer or internship job that you need.

How to manage job stress effectively

December 8th, 2011

It’s that ugly mess in your head. Or it can be that crumpling feeling in your chest. Whatever its manifestations, job stress can sure be a handful to deal with. But don’t fret. You can manage and potentially overcome job stress! Let’s check out some of these quick tips to help you deal with it:

The Clock is Ticking
It sure is ticking and you’re scared. You’re anxious because you’re nowhere near a complete report!Regardless of your line of work, having – and sticking – to a schedule will greatly help you out in finishing tasks. And if you do finish tasks at a much faster rate, you’re bound to have a stress-free day! Make sure to set your priorities in your schedule, though. You would never – believe me on this – want to rush any of your tasks!

Let’s talk things Over
Sometimes, simply talking with a work colleague can help you get through this vile, desperate state. After all, stress needs to be released. And what better way for you to get rid of that vile energy than talking? Also, if you do plan to share your troubles with a colleague, you may want to make this activity productive as well. Ask for advice – you never know, your friend just may have been through what you’re in, and can give you the best thing to do to fight stress!

Because you’re the Best!
It takes more muscles to frown. So smile instead. Having a positive outlook in life can effectively turn things around. Optimists often take and look at threats and other challenges as opportunities, making them fight stress in different kind of level. Try looking at a half-full glass for a change – it doesn’t hurt to try, doesn’t cost anything at all, and really works as well!

Managing stress isn’t an overnight affair. You need to work and will yourself to change. Being more conscious of the time allows you to set a feasible and more practical schedule to accomplish your tasks. Talking with colleagues can be an outlet for your stress. You can also learn a lot more from other individuals as well. And just by simply smiling, and looking at your good sides for a change, can create a brighter and more positive outlook in life. By having these tips in mind, you can be assured of managing job stress properly. Have a good one at work!

Backstage Jobs For Theater Productions

December 4th, 2011

Have you ever wanted to work for a theater production but thought that stage acting is not for you?  Then you should know that there are other opportunities available for you to work in the theater without having to go on stage. There are so many different roles to fill whether it’s working backstage or working alongside the technical team of the production. So if you want to have a career in theater production, then it’s best for you to familiarize yourself with some of the most important backstage roles that you might want to be in.


Backstage Jobs Director
If you already have a strong and deep background when it comes to theater production and you want to be able to have a say in all the creative aspects of the theater production, then you might apply for a director role. The director is basically the one who interprets the script and visualizes how the characters should relate to each other. He is the one who organizes casting auditions as well as makes the casting decisions. A director is the one responsible in leading rehearsals and stage blockings.


Backstage Jobs For Theater clapper
One of the busiest and most demanding roles in a theater production is that of the stage manager. If you choose to apply for this role, you will be responsible for running the stage during the production. Stage managers are also the ones who call for the cueing of lights, sounds, sets, props and even actors during the actual show.


You can also choose to work along side the director and be a production manager. The production manager is the one who oversees the development of all the things needed for the production, such as the set, props and costumes. When you are the production manager, you are expected to assist in the creation of a unified look for the whole production. At the same time, you are to ensure that every task and assignment meets the deadlines in an organized and timely manner.

The main responsibility of the set designer is to be able to effectively express the vision of the director through the creation and design of the production sets. Choosing to work as a set designer, you should be able to fully grasp the importance of making an effective set and give the audience a sense of where a particular scene is actually taking place.


Backstage Jobs For Theater tech

The technical crew’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all the technical aspects of the entire production is working properly and see to it that all possible technical issues that may arise can be easily addressed. The technical director in particular is the one who works hand in hand with the set designer and  develops the lighting, sound and special effects that are needed for the production.

These are just some of the roles that you can take on should you decide to work in a theater production. Whether you decide to work on the creative or the technical aspect of the production, there can always be an available job for you. Working backstage can really be strenuous and demanding but the audience’s applause and commendations long after the curtains are dropped makes everything worth it.