Reminders on why your OJT is Important

An on-the-job training, or commonly called as OJT, can more or less be termed as the defining moment of your college life. Even more so than your thesis, or actual grades, being in the right OJT program can make – or break – your bright career future.

If you are about to have your first step into the OJT world, or are already in it, you may want to check these 3 factors – just to remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place:

Basic Skills – Not so Basic after all
Most college students (not all though) live a sheltered, carefree life. The typical college student schedule would revolve around waking up, attending classes and partying. Still, most students would already have all the necessary basic office skills (such as typing, researching, some special computer program manipulation) to get school work done.

But as you would first notice working as an OJT, everything may not seem to be that basic at all. What was taught at school may differ greatly at work. Typing up reports may seem to be a hassle, especially if the firm you’re having your OJT at follows a strict styleguide. Creative input, which is especially needed for graphic artists are now bound by deadlines and client preferences. Nevertheless, an OJT equipped with the most “basic” work skills may only find them further enhanced, after being exposed to real office or work protocols.

Real Office Life
And speaking of real, nothing comes as close to work reality than being in your OJT program. There would be no late night parties, no more waking up until it’s noon moments. You’ll get to experience being in a grind, of being part of the corporate rat race. You’ll also get a fresh breath of professionalism, on knowing what real office etiquette is. It’s real, after all – you have to get used to it, for you’ll be in working in a few months or so!

Future Perfect
Careers - Road Sign
It may sound grim, seedy and pessimistic; but your OJT program may be the ticket to your future success. You may even be culture-shocked or frustrated. But you don’t need to worry, for everyone does!Instead of sulking and wishing that your OJT hours are already up, take into consideration the time you’re working as an opportunity. Learn the best and know the worst things in working.

Your OJT program is important because it offers you an opportunity to grow. Make sure to learn from it. Hope you have a great time at work, and good luck!

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