Resume Pitfalls Fresh Graduates Should Know

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Fresh graduates will often find it difficult to get a work fresh out of school. You see, companies’ as much as possible refuses to invest in training employees, so they would rather get someone with a job experience already. But do not worry, there is actually a lot of work here in the Philippines, the challenge tough is with the hiring process.

If you’re a fresh graduate, it’s most likely that you are trying to figure out how to make a resume. You’re lucky if your school teaches you to sell yourself with the use of a resume, but some other schools don’t and you end up having to figure things out on your own.

If you’re confused as to where to start, well… first Google resume samples. But do not copy them. I repeat, do not copy them as you see it and just edit parts of it. Don’t be lazy like that, okay? Just follow their outline, such as what they look like the indentions and things like that.

A resume is something that will summarize your skills and is the one that’s going to market yourself to your employers. You have to make it good. There is no one size fits all resume, because a resume should always reflect your personality. And of course, everybody has a unique personality hence your resume cannot possibly be exactly the same as someone else’s.

Since you’re a fresh graduate, your resume will most likely fit in one page (unless you’ve been active in a lot of organizations and attended a lot of seminars during your stint in school). Do not worry of how short your resume will be. Your future employers won’t be expecting pages long resume from you since you are a fresh graduate. You do however should avoid these resume pitfalls:

Resume Pitfalls

Avoid cutting out pictures from somewhere
Guys, do not be lazy. I mean, how long will it take to have your id picture taken and developed? Believe it or not, there are some people who actually cut their picture from another picture and paste it on their resume. Do not imitate these people.

Change your email address
If your email address is something like [email protected]… Guys., never even think about putting it in your resume. Submitting a resume with this email address would make you look unprofessional. Make an email that would comprise of your first and last name as a safe option.

Always review your resume in case you may have missed something. Re-check and edit bad grammar or spelling mistakes. It will reflect badly on you if your employers would find a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes on your resume.

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