Study Tips for College Students

Who Else Wants to Have Fun in College and Excel at the Same Time?

College years are the best for a lot of people. These are the years when you meet your best friends, possibly the love of your life, and excel in schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. These are also the years when you start to feel a little more independent and get an idea about how your life is going to be in the near future. But the biggest difference of college years from high school years is that you become more independent and responsible for your own study time.

If in high school, the teachers always bug you to do your homework and give you loads of things to study about, in college you might be surprised to find out that teachers will expect you to do almost everything on your own. Some professors even tell you to go to the library and research the next topic for discussion yourself. If you are just starting college and don’t want to be left behind by these changes in your life, you’ll need these study tips for college students.

Prepare a Study Guide

Study Tips for College Students Study

First of all, if you haven’t been used to studying alone, you’ll need a little help to motivate you. Making a study guide will be able to help you organize everything that you’ll need to study for and it will be easier for you to remember what to do. Having a study guide also lets you prepare for exams easily.

Quiz Yourself

Conducting mini tests after every discussion or every week is a very helpful way to let you absorb the information better. You may read and read all your notes, but you aren’t sure that it goes into your permanent memory. So making short 5 or 10-item quizzes will be able to really test your knowledge. Plus it’s a good way to help you retain certain concepts and vocabulary words.

Set Goals

Study Tips for College Students Goals

If you are doing all the hard work, then you need a reason for all the hard work. However, a general goal such as be in the dean’s list in the coming semester may be a little big for some people. What you can do instead is set out smaller goals first like get a perfect score in the next major exam, or be able to get the most recitation points in your next class. These little goals are easier to achieve and will help you get to the bigger goals easily.

Study Every Day

A lot of college students may be frowning at this tip already, but you need to understand that you don’t need 3 hours straight for studying at home. You do that only in school. Brushing up on your notes can easily be done in 30 minutes. The important thing is that you keep all the information fresh for the next meeting. Also, sometimes students take down notes without really reading and understanding what they’re writing, so brushing up on them later on will help in memory retention.

Studying is fun, if you do it right. In previous years, studying has been synonymous to torture and it shouldn’t be that way at all. It’s an opportunity to learn lots of things, and it’s all the more fun when you know that you discovered those things yourself. These study tips for college students shouldn’t be looked at as additional work, but a chance for you to excel while having fun.


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