Summer Jobs For College Students: Earn While You Learn This Summer!

Who Else Wants to Get Hired This Summer?

Now that summer is coming up, a lot of people are already making their respective summer plans. But for college students, summer usually means it’s time they find a company they can have their OJT or just a summer job they can involve themselves in to still get an allowance. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of companies today who are particularly looking for OJTs and part-timers. Here are some of the summer job ideas that you can consider, whether you’re living in Manila or not.

Call Center Companies
Most of the time, people living in Manila and Makati have the advantage of finding different summer jobs. The most common summer jobs available today still include call center companies like TeleTech, ePerformax, ACS, and Covergys. These companies are always hiring throughout the year, and they have a number of branches throughout Manila. They usually also have special spots for college students. If you’re looking for a job which will hone your communication skills and if you don’t mind the shifting schedule, working at a call center could be a great opportunity for you, if only for a few months.

Summer Jobs For College Students Call center

Coffee Shops
Coffee shops particularly Starbucks have boomed in the recent years because it has been an unexpected hit among the youth. 10 years ago, you wouldn’t see someone at the age of 20 having coffee at 12 noon, but now that trend has changed. Having a foamy frappe for lunch has almost become a staple among teens. And the best news for teens? Working in coffee shops is as much fun as hanging out there. Starbucks and other popular shops here are also always on the lookout for baristas and cashiers, and other positions. The schedule is also flexible to fit yours. If you think you’ll enjoy working in this kind of environment, there are more than twenty locations in Ayala, Makati alone and more than a hundred in Makati and Manila.

Summer Jobs For College Students Coffee shop

Fast Food Chains
Before the coffee shops and the call center companies boomed, the typical teenager’s first refuge for a summer job would be a fast food chain like Jollibee, McDonald’s, etc. It’s because fast food chains always hire students and they are willing to give you a schedule that won’t coincide with your your schedule in school. Also, fast food chains aren’t that strict with the qualifications.

Summer Jobs For College Students Fast Food

Different University Departments
If you don’t want to go far or go the extra mile in looking for a summer job. The most convenient way for you is to look for vacancies in your own university. Most of the time, different departments are looking for a student assistant, so if your university is accessible to you, you should consider checking your university’s bulletin boards for possible positions you could fill in.

These are just some ideas you can consider if you’re looking for a summer job. These work either it’s for your OJT or you just want to earn. On a related note, you can increase you chances of getting hired this summer through these articles:

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