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Government Internships – Considering the Pros and Cons

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

government internships

If you’re a college student and are currently looking for a company where you could have the best on-the-job training, why not consider government internships? There are a lot of advantages to working for a government agency, but there might also be some disadvantages considered by some. So to help you decide better if getting government internships will help you or not, here are things you could consider.

Pro #1: You Could Build Connections

If you are trying to find a company where you could really learn from the right people and build a network for your future career, you can find a lot of these people in government agencies. And what’s better is that people working in the government have some kind of special perks in general. They seem to get the easy way out sometimes because they are working in the office of some known government official.

Con #1: You Might Experience Worse Office Politics

There’s always a b-side in every story, and the downside of building connections with some of the most important people is that you also get to see the worst of the bunch. If you think that you can’t stomach being bossed around by someone who thinks you’re a threat to him or her, you should rethink your plans of trying to get an internship in government agencies and organizations. However, if you are prepared to face office politics and ready to squeeze out the positive from the very toxic environment, then you could emerge stronger as an OJT compared to your peers who had an easier time with their OJT.

Pro #2: You Could Gain Useful Experience

Government offices are supposed to maintain a very good reputation because they basically serve the public. If you really want to be disciplined and you learn all the office etiquette that you should, looking for government internships could provide you good training and could gain you useful experience, even if you decide later that you want to work for a private company.

Con #2: You Could Get Exposed to People’s Crab Mentality

While there are some people who will be ready to help you out with your training in the office, there will also be people who will be insecure to you. There will always be some office villain who will make your time in the office harder than it already might be. But you should always be prepared for people who will try to pull you down with them, and just focus on more important things. However, if you think that a government internship isn’t worth people bullying you and giving you a hard time, then you can easily look for an OJT in other respectable companies.

Pro #3: You Could Get a Possible Job Offer

There are a number of advantages in working full time in a government office, but the top reason of most people are the benefits. Granted, the pay isn’t that high, but the long-term benefits will really secure your future until your retirement. Plus if you get absorbed in a very nice government office, it will also look good in your credentials, should you decide later on to look for another job. Depending on the industry, some employers give very high regard to applicants who have had an experience working for the government.

Con #3: You Get an Unpaid Internship

If you want to make money during your internship, then you are not going to achieve it working for a government office. While some offices might provide you with transportation and food allowance, these aren’t enough for you to save up during the entire period of your internship. Private-owned and monster companies are the ones that provide big allowances for their interns, so if you are mostly looking for an internship to make money, you might be considering the wrong option.

Government internships aren’t really for everyone. There are people who excel more in other jobs, while other find the satisfaction in servicing the public. If you are one of the latter, then there’s already a big chance that you’re going to enjoy working in a government office.

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