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How to Write a Cover Letter for OJTs

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

How to Make a Cover Letter If You’re an OJT

A lot of students have asked before if they need to submit a cover letter even if they are just applying for an OJT. Naturally, the answer is yes. For you to be able to start with the proper way of job hunting, you need to start early. And one good preparation is learning how to write a good cover letter.

How to Write a Cover Letter for OJTs Cover letter

Contrary to popular belief, writing a cover letter isn’t difficult. If you know the basics, it will be much easier for you to come up with a good cover letter in a matter of minutes.. Most cover letters have only three important parts, and you want to focus on these.

The first one is the introduction. The introduction should state your intentions directly. There should be no dillydallying. State what position you’re applying for and where you learned about the the job vacancy. This way, if you were referred by a friend, the one reading your cover letter will be able to prioritize you over the other applicants who applied elsewhere.

After the introduction, concentrate in writing the body. You should be able to mention a summary of all the qualifications you have that you believe are essential in getting you hired. These should not be written in a bullet form. There are cases of people putting their qualifications like they would in a resume, and this should be avoided.

After your straight introduction and the brief body, you have to finish off your cover letter properly too. Remember that the purpose of writing a cover letter is so that the employer will know whether you are qualified or not even without reading your resume, and if you are, knowing when you are available for interview.

In your conclusion, don’t forget to stress how much you want to work for their company. Mention the exact date when you are available for an interview so you can prepare yourself if ever they schedule you, as opposed to them scheduling the interview and you not having to prepare for it.

How to Write a Cover Letter for OJTs Good Job

By following these simple tips, you can easily write a powerful cover letter even if you’re still an OJT. Remember, there is no such thing as too early when it comes to being prepared and qualified for a job, so better start early.