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3 Effective Resume Writing Tips

Monday, March 30th, 2009

How you write your resume is more important than the skills in your resume you can actually do. Writing a good resume will go a long way in your career
because employers are very particular with the first thing they see, and they very well follow the saying, “first impression lasts”.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate who still lack experience and skills, or someone who wants to change career path and is lacking the necessary experience for it, you can nail that job if you know how to write a resume. There are only three things to remember to be able to give your resume a makeover, but these three things will determine if you’ll get a job, whether it’s your first one or a new one.

Check your grammar
Grammar doesn’t only mean putting all the “s” and the apostrophe in the right places, but also pertain to misspelled words, correct punctuations and capitalizations, and most importantly the parallelism with your words and phrases. And just because you are the top in your English class, or it’s your first language, doesn’t mean you’re going to write a perfect resume. Resume writing is very different with the kind of writing you do in classes. For instance, you should remember not to put any ampersands (&) in your resume because it’s very informal. Always use the word “and” to stay formal and appropriate. However, if you’re applying for a job in AT&T, do not put in AT and T. You get the logic, don’t you? If it’s referring to a company or any proper noun, only then you can use an ampersand.

3 Effective Resume Writing Tips Grammar

One way to make sure that your resume is good and free of any error is by reading it over and over again. Print out a draft first and reread it a few times and mark any mistake you see. Do it at least twice before printing out a final copy and sending it to the companies.

Be consistent

3 Effective Resume Writing Tips Consistent
Consistency has a bigger scope than parallelism and which means it applies to every aspect in your resume writing and not just to your words and phrases. Let’s take a basic example where you could apply your consistency: your dates. I hate it when I see applicants who put dates in different format in their resume. For their Educational Background they put in the month first and with the exact date, and when you get to the Achievements part, it only lists the year. Little things like this should not go unnoticed because it could make a wrong impression to the employer. For instance, they might interpret is as you’re leaving out something important that’s why you’re not putting in the exact dates.

For the education section, you don’t have to put the complete date of your graduation though. Only the year is important for the employers to know how long ago you’ve graduated and estimate your skills level. Also employers read a hundred resumes so they don’t need to know when exactly you graduated, they just need to know you did. Anyway, if you did get an interview, all other details they want to know will be asked.

Don’t use hyperlinks

Hyperlinks in resumes are considered an eyesore, really. Especially for resumes sent via email, hyperlinks could very well be the deal breaker. The one checking our resume might not even read it first before deleting your resume just because he could click on the link you put and waste his time.

To make sure that your resume doesn’t have any hyperlinks, right-click the site or the email in your resume and choose”remove hyperlink” from a dropdown list.

3 Effective Resume Writing Tips No Hyperlink

Writing a resume takes a lot more time and dedication than it seems. Potential employers will take two seconds to decide whether or not you’re a good candidate based on your resume so make sure that your resume is worth the employer’s two seconds. Don’t forget to reread your resume over and over again. Once you’re sure that your resume is free of errors and is spot clean of hyperlinks, you know you have written a good resume. So make sure to follow these resume writing tips to have the edge you need.