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Interview Tips for the First Time Job Seekers

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The first time job seekers are usually very nervous about attending an interview because of the lack of experience. Some students may already be practicing in between their classes or during the orientation before they graduate, but somehow no matter how much you practice you still feel as nervous, if not more than when you practiced. So while these dos and don’ts aren’t a reassurance for you to get the job, these will definitely calm you and make you feel more confident about going to that job interview.

Knowing that you are prepared and you know what you are expecting helps a lot, and with these interview tips for the first time job seekers, you’ll at least be able to face the interviewer prepared.

interview tips for jobseekers


1.Be precise when you are explaining the nature of the job you want to have, and the projects at school that may be related to the position you’re applying for.
2.Be honest with your personal history and profile because honesty goes a long way, especially if you want to make your mark as early as in your first real job.

first job interview tips


1.Don’t say anything bad about your previous employer, if you’ve worked part time before.
2.Don’t be fooled into applying for a job merely because of the salary. Research more about the position you applied for and the company so you won’t just sit there during the interview when asked if you know anything about the background of the company. Researching implies that you care about the position and you’re serious about the job. Also it tells that you are prepared.
3.If ever you pass the job interview, weigh your pros and cons first before deciding on taking the job. If you don’t think that the job wasn’t right for you after all, don’t hesitate to voice your concern. It would be much worse later on if you’re finally employed and have signed the contract then you realize that you really can’t survive the job.

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With these considerations at hand and all your previous preparations for an interview, there is no reason for you to panic as much as before. Also, with these added interview tips to help you out, you’ll have a better chance to land on the job that you want.