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Online Job Hunting Strategies

Friday, February 5th, 2010

What You Can Do To Make the Most of Online Job Hunting

With today’s age of technology, almost everything can be done without leaving the house. You can already do shopping and selling online as well as different bank transactions. Furthermore, you can look for jobs and sometimes even get hired online as well. Most people today, especially students looking for OJTs do it online because of the convenience it brings them. But just because searching for jobs to apply for has become easy, it doesn’t mean that you already have a bigger chance of getting the job.

So if you really want to get the job, here are online job hunting strategies that you should always keep in mind to make sure that you get the most of the convenience of the internet in getting the job.

online job application

First, don’t do a shot-gun application by just choosing random job postings and sending your resumes without thinking it over or knowing more about the company. Researching about the companies you wish to work for can be very helpful especially when you get called for an interview. When you get asked what you know about the company, the interviewer will be impressed if you answer properly and sufficiently.

Second, cut and paste your resume on the body of your email instead of making it an attachment. There are a lot of viruses in the cyberspace already, and sometimes employers are very apprehensive about opening at attachment, especially if you already didn’t impress him with your cover letter.

Third, don’t just wait for a response from one company you sent your resume online to. As I’ve mentioned earlier, just because job hunting online is faster and easier, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the job immediately. So it’s better if you be aggressive on your job application and make sure to follow it up with the employer so you won’t have idle time just waiting for results.

online job hunting strategies

Also, when you’re applying for a job online, why not make the most of the convenience as well. Be sure to apply to several jobs online while making sure that you research about each of the company. This way, you will have more options later on and you won’t waste time when you apply for another job only after you’ve heard about the previous one you’ve applied for. Following these online job hunting strategies will make you more efficient in job hunting online and will guarantee you better results over time.

Job Hunting Strategies: How Your Facebook and Friendster Profiles Can Ruin Your Career

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Job Application Problems Giving You a Headache?

There is no doubt that social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster are the biggest trends in the internet today. These sites provide people an outlet to express themselves and interact with other people, whether they personally know or not. As a matter of fact, it’s so popular that the two sites are even included in this year’s 20 Most Popular Websites in the Philippines.

Job Hunting Strategies

But like any public sites, you can’t really be sure about who views your profile. While you can easily set your settings to private so that only your direct connections can see your profile pages, a lot of people’s careers have been compromised because they have been too lax with the kind of information they chose to put in their profile pages.

Remember that there are some companies who do a background check by viewing their applicants’ profiles in networking sites such as Facebook and Friendster. After all, it’s their prerogative on how they want to conduct a background check, through whatever means possible.

If you are serious about your job hunting and want to make sure to impress your employers and whoever it is you are going to face during the interview, remember that the internet is a public space. Whatever it is posted in your profile or blog is viewable by the public. And other people may and will use the data they find on you for their own purposes. Make sure that you haven’t ranted and said mean things about a particular company or disclosed information you are not supposed to. These careless actions can turn off your potential employers.

Is Viewing Friendster, Facebook and Myspace Profiles Valid Reasons for a Company to Not Hire Someone?

Job Hunting Strategies ANTI FACEBOOK

While it can greatly affect the employer’s impression of the applicant, it should be noted that not everything you read on the internet should be believed immediately, unless there’s a good reason for you to do so. A background check using social networking sites serves more of a preliminary evaluation for employers to find out if you have the attitude and the right character for the kind of office culture and environment they have.

The bottom line is, you should be responsible for whatever content you decide to put in your Friendster or Facebook profiles. Posting a picture of you drunk and wasted with a celebrity may look cool to your friends and might even be enviable, but it definitely won’t impress your employer. If you want to start you career on the right path, it’s important to learn how to be responsible for all your actions. Don’t post anything in public something that you don’t want potential employers to see.