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4 Steps to Planning Your Career Successfully

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

See How Easily You Can Direct Your Career Path Straight to Success!

4 Steps to Planning Your Career Successfully Path

Not a lot students may realize this, but college and career planning should go hand in hand. Your career planning shouldn’t start when you’re just months away from graduation. It should have started the moment you entered college and chose your course. But if if you haven’t, it’s still not too late for you so don’t worry. Here are 4 steps to planning your career successfully and steering you into the right direction.

1. Evaluate your strengths. The first thing that you have to do before you can arrange everything else is to identify your strengths. If you know where you’re good at and what are your areas of interest, it would be easier for you to narrow down the path to your perfect job. Are you good in music? Do you enjoy spending time with kids? Is photography your passion? These are just examples of questions you can ask yourself. To help you better in assessing your strengths, you should also ask your family and friends.

4 Steps to Planning Your Career Successfully Strengths

2. Research about potential occupations. Once you know your strong points and what skills you have to excel, it’s time that you find a field where those skills can be put to work and where you can grow professionally and learn a lot from. But there is something important that you should know about researching about potential careers in the future. You should not limit your search to just general information about the company and the position. Especially if you’re still in college, what you should focus in finding out are the day-to-day duties for the different occupations you are considering. Are you going to be dealing with a lot of clients or is it generally a desk job with only the computer you’re going to be facing the whole day? Try also to find out if a lot of people in that job advance quickly towards the career ladder because you don’t want to be stuck doing the same thing after five years.

4 Steps to Planning Your Career Successfully Search

3. Find out about the saturation of your target occupation. This is a very important step in choosing a career, because there are times when a seemingly good idea today turns out to be one of your worst decisions after a few years. A few years ago, Nursing seemed to be the best course to take because there were a lot of job offers here and abroad and the pay was good. But a few years and hundreds of thousands of Nursing graduates later, a lot of hospitals are already fully staffed and a lot of Nursing students are deviating into other fields in the hope of landing a job faster.

4. Volunteer or Get a Part-time Job. There is no better way to find out if you are comfortable with your target occupation than to test it out. If you are still not qualified to be an OJT, there are a lot of companies who are readily accepting volunteers. There are a lot of sources where you can find part-time jobs, starting of course with You can also check out your school’s placement office, nearby local hospitals if you want a medical job, and non-profit organizations where you can offer your service. The deal is that you get a first-hand experience of what to expect about the job, that way you can gauge how much preparation you still need and what things you still need to learn.

These steps to planning your career are very crucial especially if you are still a bit confused now. After all, it’s your future. It’s only proper that you take the necessary measures in ensuring that you are in control of it.


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Top 5 Tips for Attending the Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

The Career Circle 2010 is heading out to be the most important career fair anyone could ever attend this year. Make sure that you are already pre-registered before the month is over to get access to the biggest companies and get a chance to be hired on the spot. But you need to be prepared before you head out to Gateway Mall on August 16-18 to attend the Career Circle 2010. Here are top 5 tips to guide you through the career fair and to make sure that you manage your time well.

career circle 2010

1.Always bring the essentials. Make sure that you have enough resumes to last you throughout the 3-day career fair. There are going to be a lot of companies at the Career Circle 2010, so you want to make sure that you are always prepared to present a resume when it’s requested.

Some of the most known companies that are going to be featured in the career fair are Sykes Asia, IBM, Pascual Laboratories, Vidres, and a lot more. If you have been dying to begin your career with these companies, attending the Career Circle 2010 is the perfect opportunity.

2.Research enough information about the participating companies. It’s the rule of thumb that when you apply for a position in a particular company, you should definitely be familiar with the services offered by the company, or at least the specific role that you would be having should you get hired on the spot. Being knowledgeable about the position and the company are very good credibility boosters, so even before you head out there, you should already learn a thing or two about the participating companies in the career fair, and the following information should be able to help you a little.

Sykes Asia – Although known to many as a call center company, Sykes has a lot more services to offer, and a number of non-agent positions to offer job seekers. For instance, you can join their support group if you are looking for a career as a web designer and developer, core skills trainer, software engineer, and more.

IBM – For some, IBM is just another company for computers. For others, IBM is another call center company where they can earn a lot from. But IBM is also more than just a call center company. From developing hardwares and softwares to research to consulting, IBM has proven to be one of the top companies to rely one. So if you see yourself growing with IBM, there are positions available such as technical writer, Tivoli storage team lead, managing consultant, and more!

NCO – Known to be currently the world’s biggest collection agency, NCO focuses in customer service and outsourcing. Catering to clients worldwide, it is just proper for NCO to be needing a diverse group of individuals as well to join their team. If you would like to join their team as a Spanish-speaking agent, collections agent, or a technical support representatives for a gaming console account, get ready with your resume and portfolio before you head out to the Career Circle 2010!

3.Consider more options. As mentioned previously, while the companies are primarily known in the call center industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer only call center agent positions. Sometimes, all it takes is a having a broader perspective to see what you’ve been searching for all this time. So scratch the concept that these companies have only call center agents in their companies. You are going to get more and better options if you open your mind to these kinds of opportunities and you may land in the best job you will ever have.

4.Manage your time effectively. The Career Circle 2010 is a perfect opportunity for you to not only find a job, but to find out more about the different industries today and learn about the changing trends of the job hunting process. If you want to make the most of your time during the three-day seminar, you need to use your time wisely. Remember, there are a lot more in store for you in the Career Circle 2010 and believe me, you don’t want to miss out!

What you can do is find out about the participating companies, and create a schedule on how many you can visit in a day. Then allot some time participating in the learning sessions that are also going to be conducted and which are headed by the participating companies.

5.Enjoy! The Career Circle 2010 is not like an ordinary job fair you have attended in the past. It’s a career event. You are going to experience more than send your applications to these companies. There’s an open mic, contests, prizes to be won like GCs to Netopia, MEMO, Bridge Language School, plus a lot of other cool stuff from Sykes Asia, Roundbox Solutions,,, and more!

So with these tips, you are now ready to attend the most exciting and biggest career event of the year! Register now for the Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair on their website and mark your calendars on August 16-18!

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Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair – Attend the Most Important Career Event in Your Life This Coming August 2010

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

A couple of months or so from now, you could have your dream job. Wouldn’t your friends and family be totally amazed? Wouldn’t you feel fantastic about it?

At this very moment you are competing with hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of other job seekers all fighting to get your dream job.

If you care about your career path—and you’re sick of the old, ineffective advice on job hunting, job interviews, and career planning in general—this may be the most important post you will ever read.

Here’s why…

Coming up is one of the biggest career events of the year. Organized by Roundbox Solutions, the Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair, has a lot in store for job seekers. Aside from the huge number of companies where you can apply, there are also on-the-spot interviews that will be conducted and contests where you can join and win awesome prizes.

career circle 2010: the alumni fair

Plus, with the participation of and, you can also gain additional job hunting guide and job interview tips that will help increase your chances in getting your dream job, right on the spot.

The Career Circle 2010 will take place on August 16-18, 2010, 10 am to 5 pm at Level 4 of Gateway Suites, Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City. If you are interested in registering ahead of time, or want to know more about participating companies, you can visit the official website for the Career Circle 2010.

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OJTCareers Participates in the Siena College Job Fair!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Last Feb 26, 2010, the OJTCareers team together with our partner company, took part in the job fair held at Siena College in QC. It was a fun experience, and we got to meet representatives of companies as well as students. The job fair was from 1-4pm, and the guidance counselor Ms. Rizalyn Salac was very nice and accommodating.

ojt careers 005

It had been a great chance for the team to meet students and tell them about the service of the site. Most of the students that went to the booth had inquiries about different things, but there are particular areas that they are most concerned with. And to address those needs, rest assured that there will be more advice about how to go through job interviews and where to look for job openings.

ojt careers ojt careers

The students also enjoyed the freebies that we gave out as a thank you for participating in the survey we conducted. Plus they got a chance to have a feel on how to apply using through the presentation that we prepared.

The job fair in Siena College had been a success for everyone, as the students were able to find a new resource to find OJT jobs easier. Until next job fair, students! Watch out for us because we might invade your school next!

Why Is There a Need to Have an OJT?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Some Straight Talk About Starting Your Career

There are a lot of interns in the Philippines who are absorbed by the company and get to instantly start their career the way they want to. These people are wise enough to be very clear about what they want to get out of their OJT and so they were able to find exactly what they were looking for. No one wants to put on an office attire, commute an hour to get to the office and only make sure that the coffee is made and all the files are stapled to perfection.

College students, especially those who are taking their internships have a lot to offer, and no one wants an internship that is menial or boring. As much as possible, they want to be able to use everything they learned in school and apply it to a real job—a chance to test the waters, if you must say.

So if you want to make sure that your internship is going to give you the experience you are looking for to jump start your career as early as now, here are key tips to make it happen, from finding the right jobs in the Philippines to making sure you stick to it.

Why Is There a Need to Have an OJT Career

First of all, determine exactly what you want to get out of your internship. Achieving a goal is easy if you have it written down or at least have it clearly figured out. It;s difficult to go to battle without a strategy or objective, and so is joining the workforce without any goal in mind. You should figure out if you are looking for jobs in which you’ll be able to utilize all your skills and which can help you later on to get started in the industry you are targeting.

Second, if you already have a goal at hand, it’s time to start looking for the right sources of OJT jobs. Your school is the first place almost everyone checks to help them with, but if you are included in the 5,000 would-be graduates, it’s difficult to find a really good internship source because of the competition. As an alternative, you can ask your relatives about people they might now who are working in the same industry as you are so you can get a head start immediately. If you still can’t find a company that you think is going to help achieve your goal, it’s start to go online. OJT Careers is an example of a great resource for job postings specifically intended for OJTs. You can easily choose your field and browse the updated list of job postings in OJT Careers every day.

Why Is There a Need to Have an OJT Sources

Third, be ready to commit to your chosen job and go out of your comfort zone once in a while. Remember that it’s a two-way street. You have to learn how to deal with things differently and keep up the good work you’ve been doing to be able to gain the kind of experience that you want. Sure you have expectations in your OJT but you also be prepared to do your part.

Lastly, enjoy your job! Take note of the skills you develop, people you meet, and all the experience you go through, whether positive or negative, because it will be able to help you to be prepared for a great career when you finally graduate. Who knows, there might even be a job opportunity in the company you are having your OJT in just in time for you graduation, and with all the experience you already have, you will have an unfair advantage against other applicants, especially if you maintained a very good record when you were having your OJT.

Why Is There a Need to Have an OJT Good Job

With the number of graduates increasing every year, competition is getting much tighter and more intense. Having said this, the only way to get ahead of everyone else is to get started as early as possible and a good OJT experience is a surefire way to achieve it.