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Internships for Marketing Students in Makati

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Marketing is a very popular college course in the Philippines. There are a lot of great job opportunities in big and multinational companies upon graduation, and you could penetrate different industries. But to get a good start on your career, you should first start on a good company to have your internship in.

Internships for Marketing Students in Makati Marketing

But in the world of Marketing, more than the name of the company, its reputation for giving good internship programs should be your top priority. In the end, credentials are only words in paper, but good training will take you farther. If you are not sure what you’re looking for in companies to have your internship in, here are some things that you should do and not overlook. There are a lot of internships for Marketing students, but you should be able to select a handful of really good ones that will be able to provide you with good training.

Research about the company. Remember that a known name does not always equate to a good training program. And just because a big corporation has very good opportunities for fresh graduates and regular job hunters, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they take care of their interns as much as their regular employees. Find out if the company will really be able to hand you tasks related to your course, or if you are just going to be an accessory or an assistant without any real goal to complete.

Internships for Marketing Students in Makati Research

Research about the nature of the job. Some companies assign their interns specific tasks for a specific period of time, while others provide you with a progression of projects that you should complete and from which you could learn a lot more about Marketing. An internship shouldn’t be an extension of your class homeworks. It should already be a taste of a real job, and a company willing to offer you that is ready to train you for the things you will do in the future.

Research for more options. There are a lot of industries you could tap in with your course. Marketing is an essential part of a business, so you should first determine your strong points before even searching for internships for Marketing students. Gauge yourself if you are usually able to present yourself better when it comes to sports, communication arts, lifestyle, or travel.

Once you have considered these things, it’s easy enough to find internships for Marketing students. In Makati alone, there are already a lot of companies looking for OJTs in Marketing. All you have to do is figure out first what you want to get out of the internship program, find a company who will really be able to deliver, and do your best!

Internships for Marketing Students in Makati Success


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