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How to Get a Job as Professional Gamer

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Everyone of us probably fantasized once or twice to get a job as professional gamer because, hey, who wouldn’t want to play Ragnarok or Flyff all day and get paid doing it? Did you think that it’s just a dream and could never be true? You’re wrong. You can get a chance to be a professional gamer at Level Up games, one of the biggest game publishers in the Philippines.

How to Get a Job as Professional Gamer level up games

If you’re familiar with games like Ragnarok, FreeStyle and Flyff, then you’ll love working for Level Up. If you’ve always wanted to be a professional gamer, applying as an OJT at Level Up games is a fantastic way to start your career and work your way through the company. As they often say, once you’re in, you’re in! So as early as your OJT days, you need to focus on your goal and make sure that you get access at Level Up games.

Right now, their OJT program is already over, but you can keep checking back at OJT Careers to find job postings from other game publisher companies.

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OJT Jobs in Quezon City

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Are you a student living in or near Quezon City? A lot of OJT jobs can be found in QC but if you don’t know any good sources or job openings, you might have a hard time getting an internship just in time for summer. Fortunately, OJTCareers makes it possible for you to search for different OJT job openings not just in Quezon City but in other cities as well.

If you want an easier time browsing the jobs in the site, simply use the search bar that can be found just above the categories.

OJT Jobs in Quezon City

Type in the location where you want to look for internships, and the posts will automatically be filtered.

OJT Jobs in Quezon City

You can then choose from the list the position that you want to apply for. Aside from using the search bar to look for jobs in specific locations, you can also it to filter the kind of jobs that you want. For example, enter “human resources” or “HR”in the search bar if you’re specifically looking for jobs in that field.

With the convenience presented to students nowadays, you can get an OJT job in a matter of seconds.