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How to Get a High Grade for Your OJT

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Practicum is a requirement for almost all colleges. Without it, you cannot graduate. However, even if you finish the hours at your respective company, that doesn’t necessarily mean you pass. In fact, before you actually finish your on-the-job training, you need to have a grading sheet. You’ll have to have the manager or your supervisor sign the form, so they can grade you based on your performance during your stay there.

Sure, some employers would just check all the “Excellent” or “Very Good” status on your grading sheet but there are some who actually care. If you feel that you’re stuck with someone like that, remember that you’ll need more than just to make them coffee or photocopy a few documents. You need to win their favor and to do so, you need to work hard just like a regular employee does.

How can you get a high grade in your OJT? Some students actually don’t know the answer. They just keep silent and do what they are asked. However, by acting more like an employee, you’ll get better results. To be more specific, companies who take their interns seriously base the criteria usually on these two things:

Performance – Some bosses actually ask you to do something based on your field or something that actually has a relevance to the company. When you have one of these important tasks, go all out! Some bosses like it when you have an initiative. Don’t settle for anything less. Treat the project as your brainchild.

How to Get a High Grade for Your OJT Work Hard

If you have extra skills (like abilities in Adobe Photoshop, Photography and many others), you’ll be very useful in the company. Any firm can use the extra hands. Be sure to mention this during your internship job interview.

Attitude – No. Your grades aren’t only about the quantity and quality of work. You need to get along with your supervisors, colleagues and fellow OJTs. Your every action is also monitored – if you come to work on time, if you’re polite towards your superiors, if you dress well and so on. Other things such as time management skills and work ethics will also be in the criteria. Remember, these will all affect your final grade.

Attitude is as important as performance. This is because, you wouldn’t be able to work well if you don’t mesh well with your colleagues. Work ethics can also get you far. Even if you’re not as skilled as the other OJTs, your employers will give you great respect because of this. In fact, if you impress them with your hardworking and professional attitude, you might possibly have a slot for them in their company.

How to Get a High Grade for Your OJT Success

In summary, getting a good grade for your practicum is not difficult. You just need to work hard. Take your OJT seriously for this is an avenue for you to learn more about the workforce.