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Thesis-Making Temptations – How Do Overcome These?

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Ever wondered why it takes so long to make a thesis? Even if you say that you have all the time to make that final requirement, there are still various hidden reasons why almost all graduating students experienced cramming up to the last minute. So before you even decide on whom to partner with when it comes to thesis-making, make sure you’ve read everything written in this article. It contains the truth about what’s really happening to those who spend their “whole time” doing their last requirement for college.

Overnight thesis turned to overnight chat – Seems familiar? Usually, you would tell your parents for an overnight thesis project. Hey, your intentions were good at first, but when one of your thesismates started talking about somebody (professor, ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend), you would go with the flow and before you knew it, it’s already 3 in the morning – still no progress on your thesis.

Thesis-Making Temptations Start

“Let’s meet at (restaurant) and talk about the thesis” – This is one of the meeting places that you should avoid. Here’s the fact, once you entered the restaurant, there is no way that you would be able to resist the urge to buy food. What happens next? Well, it’s like meeting up with your friend/s to have a chat over a value meal.

Thesis-Facebook-thesis-Facebook mode – Who doesn’t know this social networking site, almost nobody right? I would suggest that before you even do your thesis, research every information you need to get from the internet, save it on a flash drive, then go offline. Why, because as long as you know that you have the internet, you won’t stop from checking your wall every now and then.

Thesis-Making Temptations – Facebook

So here’s the best part where you get to know what to do when these situations arise. Actually, there’s only one word that you need to get over these temptations – discipline. No matter how much persuasion your friends will do to keep you from doing your thesis, if you have enough discipline, you will surely overcome whatever bait they throw upon you.