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Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Monday, February 15th, 2010

How to Manage Stress Level at Work

Ways to Reduce Stress at Work stress

A lot of people equate work to being stressed, and it particularly puts a stigma to first time job seekers and OJTs. However, contrary to popular belief, work doesn’t always have to be stressful. With these tips, you can stay focused on your work and lessen the stress you feel, and further more you can enjoy doing your work more.

Ways to Reduce Stress at Work - Laugh

Laugh. It may sound cliche but laughter is still the best medicine. Or at least, happiness is. When you start to realize that stress is beginning to get the best of you, stop for a minute and take a time off from whatever you’re doing. Spend a few minutes reading about something funny or at least fun. After your short break, your mind will feel refreshed and you’re going to have a renewed sense of spirit. And the best thing about it is that you’re going to have enough energy again to face your work head on.

Write. When stressed, people usually don’t have a clear mind. And when you can’t think properly, you won’t be able to solve whatever has been stressing you out. One effective solution to reduce stress at work is to put it into writing. If you’re stressed about whether you should stay or leave your job, a detailed list of pros and cons will help you have a clearer perspective and enable you to make a better decision.

Ways to Reduce Stress at Work Talk

Talk. Sometimes when you’re stressed, bad thoughts will keep getting to you and later on, you become more close-minded because stress has piled up. To avoid this, one of the most effective stress busters is to have a friend to talk to. Sometimes, all you need is an advice from a friend to let you see things more clearly and consider things as impartial as possible. One thing you have to remember though is to pick a friend you can trust and who will understand how you feel, but at the same time be impartial and honest with the advice.

Balance. One of the most common causes of stress is imbalance. Whether it’s with the schedule or with the workload, when you get out of balance, everything will start falling apart and that’s what you want to avoid. Creating a list or keeping an organizer is an effective way to keep balance in everything you do, not to mention it will keep you more organized and make things easier for you to do in the future.

With these ways to reduce stress at work, you will be more productive, have more fun and less stress at your workplace.