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Resume Objective Tips for OJTs and First Time Job Seekers

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Write a Good Objective Statement For Your Resume

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When you hand in your resume, one of the first things the interviewer is going to read is your career objective. A lot of times, this has been a deal breaker for a lot of applicants because 1) they usually apply for different positions but they never change their resume objective, and 2) they give a too general objective that it’s already vague, thus making you seem uncertain.

The real problem about job seekers not being able to write a good resume objective is in their perception of what it is. Most of the time, they just put the objective right after they write the contents of their resume, just like an after-thought. However, there’s a reason why it comes before the rest of your resume. It has a significance that’s why it’s placed even before your qualifications and other information about you.

The first thing you should NOT do is write the rest of the contents of your resume before writing the objective. It should be the other way around. The rest of your resume should be based on your objective, so you’ll know which skills and qualifications you have that you need to highlight. That being said, here are things you need to remember before you write your objective.

First, be concise. Your objective should be specific to the job you’re applying for and to the skills that you can offer.

Second, instead of making your objective a sentence, use verb phrases. For example, “Seeking…” instead of “I seek…”. This is because verb phrases sound more driven an aggressive.

Third,  make sure that your objective goes with the rest of the resume. It’s an eyesore for interviewers if they see that the applicant is very careless in writing a wrong resume objective that doesn’t match with anything in his resume.

Fourth, state how you can be an asset to the company instead of telling what you would like to gain from it. For instance, saying “Seeking a position in the Human Resources Department where I can utilize my skills in Behavioral Psychology” instead of saying “Seeking a position in the Human Resources Department where I can apply myself and learn from the best”.

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With these resume objective tips in mind, OJTs who are just getting the taste of the real world and those first time job seekers who are also still a bit on the blind side can gear up better in writing their resume and getting a bigger chance at being hired.