Teach English in Spain – reasons on why you should pull off a Vicky Christina Barcelona

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In the Woody Allen romance comedy, Vicky Christina Barcelona, the two titular characters spend a summer of art, culture and winding love in Barcelona. Vicky and Christina, in their topsy-turvy stay in Spain, discovered how flavorful Spanish food is, how colorful and vibrant Spanish artists are, how mesmerizing Spanish guitars are, and how passionate Spanish lovers can be. Now, isn’t that just wonderful?

Of course, we can’t all be in a Hollywood movie, or expect movie plotlines to actually happen in our lives. But you can do the next best thing – teach English in Spain.

Teaching English in Spain can be not only a very profitable career, but also a very passionate, culturally-rewarding one as well. Imagine teaching English to beautiful and handsome flamenco dancers, or having a matador as a student. It’s an exciting job, especially since the Spanish are known for the very welcome and friendly personalities.

Satisfying yourself on Spain’s cultural offerings can also help you bridge your English teaching. Using Spanish food as examples is not only easy to grasp, but can be gastronomical as well. Better yet, there are English translations of the best and well loved Spanish stories, to let you and your students learn from each other.

Teach English in Spain

Spanish architecture, especially churches, help on building a link between the English and Spanish languages. A visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and if applicable, attending Spanish and English Masses, can bring about a sense of familiarity.

By now, you would have noticed that teaching English in Spain is just like having a long, drawn-out version of Vicky and Christina’s vacation. It’s like being a tourist lost in wondrous, amazing Spain. Except, you’re doing something beneficial.

Beneficial, not just for you, but for the Spanish students themselves. Helping them learn English can help them contribute on Spain being a top-player in the world market. With English being a primary business mode of communication, knowledge of this language can help the Spanish on letting their work force grow, spreading their culture even further out, or just simply, saying what they really want to say.

So, you may want to consider pulling a Vicky Christina Barcelona stint in warm and sunny Spain. Not just for the food, art, culture, music and people, but also for helping them speak out and break down the communication barrier in the international market. Try searching online for teaching English in Spain today!

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