Teen Jobs – Jobs For Students During The Summer Vacation

Teen Jobs Summer Jobs

Summer vacation is always the light at the end of the tunnel that most students look forward to when in school. It is the end of the ten-month daily grind of waking up early, and studying for things you do not really like. Summer vacation is seen as the perfect reward for all the months of toiling away with books, hand outs, papers, projects, reports, home works, terror teachers and some cruel classmates. It is a reward that students cannot wait to get, especially during the last weeks of school. Most students during summer vacation are enrolled in fun activities like swimming lessons, art lessons, cooking lessons, or some other activity that they actually like – something very far from the academic environment. However, there are also things that student teenagers can do to truly make the most out of their vacations. As they are already young adolescents and can do so much more, they can look for a summer job. This is really very beneficial especially for those who do not receive any allowance from their parents during summer vacation. Here are some summer job ideas perfect for teens.

Teen Jobs Baby Sitter

First, be a baby sitter for your neighbors, older siblings, or relatives. This will be a great way of helping those close to you, gain a closer relationship with the kids, and of course earn money. As much as this job will seem to be fun, because all you’ll probably do is play with the kids, keep them entertained and feed them, you also have to ensure that they are safe and secured in your hands at all times.

Teen Jobs  Dogs

Second, offer your neighbors to give their safe and friendly pets a bath. Most people nowadays find it time consuming and tiring to give their pets, like dogs, a bath. If not the pets, offer to clean the cars of your neighbors or even relatives. Just ask help from a couple of friends in cleaning the cars.

Third, if you are good at something like playing the guitar, cooking, or painting and drawing, why not offer to teach little kids this special skill? It will be a fun way for you to do what you love, and at the same time impart your knowledge to them.

Fourth, apply as a barista at a coffee establishment. With so many coffee establishments today, there is sure to be one willing to train and take you into their care. This will be a truly exciting time for any teen, as it is such a different environment from school. Moreover, the fun and relaxing ambiance that coffee shops provide gives one a feeling of tranquility.

Fifth, you can apply at small organizations like Hands on Manila, Haribon, Meralco Foundation and more. You will just probably get an allowance even smaller than a base pay, but at least you get to expose yourself into a working world and receive money in the process as well.

These are just some ideas that can help you to fully enjoy your summer vacation. Just because it is vacation time and you receive no money from your parents, does not mean that you cannot have money of your own. Pretty soon you will be applying for real jobs and earning huge sums of money on your own.

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