The process of making your thesis

When you reach junior year in college, this is the time wherein you begin to plan for your future. You become more serious because your decisions will affect everything that will happen to you before and after your graduation. This is the time wherein you realize that there is only a few time left before you actually finish schooling. This is also the time wherein you are bombarded with a lot of requirements and schoolworks. There will be less time to hang out with your friends outside of school because everyone is busy. Junior year is the beginning of your thesis making. I’m pretty sure that when you reach this year, you completely have no idea on how to begin a thesis or what topic to use.  Here is something that will guide you in starting a thesis and going through the whole process:

1)      Choose your partner well


   The first thing that you do before you begin your thesis is to choose your partner. Be careful though, because this will determine whether you will graduate or not. So better pick the person whom you can work well with. It is normal that your first instinct is to choose your friend or one of your barkada as your partner, but a good advice to you guys, it is possible that this could actually ruin your friendship. There are cases wherein friendships are broken when making a thesis because of too much stress and pressure. So better make the right choice.

2)      Choose a good topic

good topic

Choose a topic that you are familiar with. It is a lot easier to work on a topic that you are interested in because this will motivate you more. Choose a topic that is not yet been studied by your schoolmates and do a lot of research before you settle for you topic.

3)      Get as many references you need


                      Make sure that there are a lot of studies about your topic so that it wouldn’t be hard to work on your review of related literature. Search articles from books, periodicals and the internet. Keep in mind to take note of the authors to avoid plagiarism.

4)      Start Early



It is best to start your research early to avoid lack of time. This would also help you to fix your mistakes before your defense comes up.

5)      Get a good adviser


Get a good teacher who will really help you throughout the whole process of making your thesis. Get someone who is willing and has the time to help you.


Making a thesis is just one of the challenges that you would go through when you reach junior and senior year. These challenges will surely help you to learn and be prepared for your future.

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