Top 5 Tips for Attending the Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair

The Career Circle 2010 is heading out to be the most important career fair anyone could ever attend this year. Make sure that you are already pre-registered before the month is over to get access to the biggest companies and get a chance to be hired on the spot. But you need to be prepared before you head out to Gateway Mall on August 16-18 to attend the Career Circle 2010. Here are top 5 tips to guide you through the career fair and to make sure that you manage your time well.

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1.Always bring the essentials. Make sure that you have enough resumes to last you throughout the 3-day career fair. There are going to be a lot of companies at the Career Circle 2010, so you want to make sure that you are always prepared to present a resume when it’s requested.

Some of the most known companies that are going to be featured in the career fair are Sykes Asia, IBM, Pascual Laboratories, Vidres, and a lot more. If you have been dying to begin your career with these companies, attending the Career Circle 2010 is the perfect opportunity.

2.Research enough information about the participating companies. It’s the rule of thumb that when you apply for a position in a particular company, you should definitely be familiar with the services offered by the company, or at least the specific role that you would be having should you get hired on the spot. Being knowledgeable about the position and the company are very good credibility boosters, so even before you head out there, you should already learn a thing or two about the participating companies in the career fair, and the following information should be able to help you a little.

Sykes Asia – Although known to many as a call center company, Sykes has a lot more services to offer, and a number of non-agent positions to offer job seekers. For instance, you can join their support group if you are looking for a career as a web designer and developer, core skills trainer, software engineer, and more.

IBM – For some, IBM is just another company for computers. For others, IBM is another call center company where they can earn a lot from. But IBM is also more than just a call center company. From developing hardwares and softwares to research to consulting, IBM has proven to be one of the top companies to rely one. So if you see yourself growing with IBM, there are positions available such as technical writer, Tivoli storage team lead, managing consultant, and more!

NCO – Known to be currently the world’s biggest collection agency, NCO focuses in customer service and outsourcing. Catering to clients worldwide, it is just proper for NCO to be needing a diverse group of individuals as well to join their team. If you would like to join their team as a Spanish-speaking agent, collections agent, or a technical support representatives for a gaming console account, get ready with your resume and portfolio before you head out to the Career Circle 2010!

3.Consider more options. As mentioned previously, while the companies are primarily known in the call center industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer only call center agent positions. Sometimes, all it takes is a having a broader perspective to see what you’ve been searching for all this time. So scratch the concept that these companies have only call center agents in their companies. You are going to get more and better options if you open your mind to these kinds of opportunities and you may land in the best job you will ever have.

4.Manage your time effectively. The Career Circle 2010 is a perfect opportunity for you to not only find a job, but to find out more about the different industries today and learn about the changing trends of the job hunting process. If you want to make the most of your time during the three-day seminar, you need to use your time wisely. Remember, there are a lot more in store for you in the Career Circle 2010 and believe me, you don’t want to miss out!

What you can do is find out about the participating companies, and create a schedule on how many you can visit in a day. Then allot some time participating in the learning sessions that are also going to be conducted and which are headed by the participating companies.

5.Enjoy! The Career Circle 2010 is not like an ordinary job fair you have attended in the past. It’s a career event. You are going to experience more than send your applications to these companies. There’s an open mic, contests, prizes to be won like GCs to Netopia, MEMO, Bridge Language School, plus a lot of other cool stuff from Sykes Asia, Roundbox Solutions,,, and more!

So with these tips, you are now ready to attend the most exciting and biggest career event of the year! Register now for the Career Circle 2010: The Alumni Fair on their website and mark your calendars on August 16-18!

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