Top Gadgets Every Students Would Love to Have

Who says that just because you’re students you can’t have access to the latest technologies available in the market today? Consider buying yourself one of the cool and useful gadgets listed below and make your school life more fun and convenient.


Noise-Canceling Headphones
If you’re not a fan of going to the library for some peace and quiet, then these noise cancelling headphones is the perfect alternative.


a digital music service very much similar to iTunes, the Spotify offers so much more than what the latter provides. Aside from being able to select specific songs from a selection, you could also sync it with Facebook and find out which among your friends like the same music genre as you do.


iPhone case/charger
Nothing beats convenience as having the Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 which is actually a dual iPhone charger and case at the same time. You could be sure that it will get the job done and help protect your iPhone as well.


Note-taking Ipad Application
This is one of the must-haves especially for students who are not into writing down notes with an ink during a class lecture. There are some apps which further allows you to do a voice recording while you are taking notes.

canon-powershot-sx200-is-121-megapixel-digital-camera-bluePowerShot Digital Camera
Try to have this gadget that can be used for taking pictures of things needed for your school assignments and projects. The Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS in particular is one of the best digital camera to buy as it promises to provide professional looking shots at a much affordable price.

water-powered-alarm-clock-with-thermometer-187-pWater Powered Alarm Clock
Don’t want to be late for class? Then this water powered alarm clock may be the best solution to your time management problems.  You don’t have to worry about batteries because this alarm only makes use of water, specifically electrolytic fluid. What’s more is that there is also an open lid reservoir where you can put flowers and other plants as well.


Solar Polar Backpack
Think of a backpack which is capable of charging phones, tablets and other technology devices. That’s what the Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack does. It has a two 2.0 Watt solar panels that can generate as much as 5 hours worth of energy from direct sunlight. It is waterproof, lightweight and is built to withstand force and pressure.

These gadgets should be used to aid students in their studies– not hinder them from getting good grades. So before you consider buying one, be sure that you really need them and that they could provide you with better alternatives that could help you ace your subjects.

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