Ways to Survive College

Sooner or later, you’d find yourself transitioning from the four years of high school and into the four years college. The life of a college student is challenging for nearly everybody. You’ve got to set meal plans, remember to pay your utilities and rent, balance extra-curricular events and organizations, keep being nice even to the terror professor… all of that, plus NOT FAILING any of your currently enrolled subjects.

For those who are struggling in college or preparing for college, here are some tips to an easier college life.

Believe YOU CAN
The moment you start having doubts and you keep entertaining negative thoughts, everything that would come out of you would be negative. Negative scores, negative paperwork, negative attitude… Well, need I say more? The most dangerous word is “CAN’T” because you’re subconsciously putting barriers from reaching goals. Always say “YOU CAN”.

It’s saying NO to procrastination
When a professor asks you to work on something such as a term paper, don’t let yourself be tempted on postponing the task and do it when the deadline is near. Not only do you potentially get to stress yourself, but also you’d be submitting a paper that just might be worth an F.

Take better notes, or if you haven’t been taking notes… START DOING SO
You remember what you write. So write everything that your professor says that is note-worthy. By doing so, you’re not only scoring those A’s but also… you’re putting information into your long term memory. Make sure your notes are also clean. If you’ve scribbled hurriedly at some point during discussion, find time to rewrite your notes. It’s easier to study when you yourself are not figuring out if what you’ve written is actually a ‘j’ or a ‘g’.

It’s working on a schedule
And be strict on yourself when it comes to following it. By doing so, you program yourself into good habits that will also serve you by the time you start working. Plus, you’re also getting the advantage of tracking whatever you have finished and what you still have to work on to.

Make setting goals a habit, so that you’ll be tracking your progress and you’ll be able to know what you want to do in life and career. And to further motivate yourself… Find a way to reward yourself with something you’ve wanted when you’ve reached a certain goal.

Pace yourself
Every big thing comes true via tiny steps. Learn to crawl before taking leaps. Make sure to enjoy what you do. When you’re enjoying something, it’s most likely that you will never get tired doing it. By enjoying, there’s lesser chances of you feeling burned out.

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