What To Say When Applying for an OJT

Top 4 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Being a college student on the way to your first job interview, you have researched long and hard for spiels about what to say when applying for an OJT. You have probably memorized some of the expected answers to typical questions, maybe word for word. But somehow you still feel nervous and as if you are going to have a mental block when the actual interview starts. Don’t panic. That’s normal. And you’re on the right track researching on how to answer interview questions. However, you have deviated to a wrong turn when you memorized the expected answers.

The secret to a successful interview doesn’t lie in how fast it takes you to answer a particular question, or how many highfalutin words a sentence of yours include. At any case, the interviewer is going to see through you and will easily figure out if you have memorized your answer beforehand or have thought about it yourself. That’s why it’s important to really prepare for a job interview and not just find out the possible answers you can say. So here are the top 4 tips for a successful job interview, even if you are just applying for an OJT for now. These are a big help when you finally go out there in the real world in a few years’ or months’ time.

Make Up Your Mind: this means that you have to be clear about what you have and what you want to achieve. What you have may refer to your knowledge, skills, and strengths, and how you can utilize these into honing yourself become better at what you do. Once you’ve figured out exactly who you are as a professional, it’s easy enough during the interview to think of an answer questions about your “strengths and weaknesses.

What To Say When Applying for an OJT Make up your mind

Describe Your Strengths and Weaknesses: speaking of strengths and weaknesses, interviewers often ask this not because they really want to find out what you’re good at. They ask this to find out whether you are arrogant or not—and if you’re aware of this. Some applicants think that stating weaknesses make them unreliable and irresponsible, but there are ways to make this to your advantage. Rather than saying you have no weakness at all and you do everything you can all the time to do the job, be honest. No one is perfect, and we all know that. Showing you are human can actually add to you points. An important trick is to point out what you’ve learned from your weakness.

What To Say When Applying for an Strengths and Weaknesses

Be Clear About Your Future Goals: one of the most common questions, especially to OJTs when applying for a job is, “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”. This question sometimes sends interns to Fantasy Land and gets them to imagine a blissful life where they are already a boss in their own company. While this is a good dream, it may not be as realistic as you think. So the best thing to do is set out a tangible goal that you can actually see yourself achieving. Having a clear goal makes you look more responsible and driven.

Set Your Own Personal Standards: if you haven’t noticed it already, the key to a successful interview is being clear about everything and not relying on ready-made responses. By having your own standards professionally, you are showing that you are serious about being hired and starting a job.

By following these tips on how to prepare for an interview when applying for an OJT, you will not only get a better chance in landing the job, but you’ll also be one step ahead compared to other applicants in the future.


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