Chemicals & Petroleum

Do you want to make a big difference in the world by creating innovations that answer the need of people like water, food, pharmaceutical products, oil, and many others? Two things are evident about you, you're either amazed by the heights reached by science or you want to know and apply what more can science do for people with different materials. Get to know what combined physical and life science can do for you in chemical engineering; this is the process of combining various raw materials naturally occurring in the earth, like creating water purification solutions to purify water for drinking consumption or creating pharmaceutical medicines that are more natural and good for the health

A career in dealing with chemicals can lead to many options like being a project engineer for a biotech food company or a research and development engineer for a petrochemical firm that finds ways to improve fuel combustion on commercial fuel. Not only will you get satisfaction on what you do you but will also get your ideas out in the open coupled with the knowledge you have of chemicals to make new materials.

And speaking of petroleum, there is also another wing of engineering called petroleum engineering that delves in developing methods for extracting oil and gas deposits in the earth to use as fossil fuels; do you want to get involved in knowing how to get oil and modify it to develop more uses for it? Then "fuel" your career path in petroleum. You can earn a degree in this field and even get the opportunity to apply for a job in one of the prominent oil firms like Shell or Chevron, or you can also choose to be overseas aiding oil survey companies in finding oil via oil rigs. Before you make that decision make sure to get consulting from your school, university or college in pursuing careers in petrochemicals, you'll be able to make a difference in the world by contributing energy innovations!