Clerical & Administrative

Do you want a stepping stone in your future career that can equip you with the knowledge and experience in taking on the working world of the office? Almost everyone wants to work one day in an office most especially in a corporate setting, and what better career stepping stone is there out there like clerical and administrative work! This support position mostly does not even require a degree and is considered an entry level position depending on the company, one good way to get to know this type of job is when you have opted to have an on-the-job-training as practicum before graduating, you will be exposed to the office setting that includes more less of office support duties like data entry and bookkeeping, basic operation of office machines like faxes, printers, and phones, and even customer service skills especially if you are geared towards being a receptionist.

You also develop your communication skills here since you will interact mainly with supervisors and even managers. Even major companies from banking to marketing sectors deem clerical and administrative field important because they will rely on people who are highly organized and will be able to spend a considerable amount of time in office administration mostly on documents and flow of information. This is one niche you can flourish in if you strive for developing your skills sets.

It's also good to note that almost 90% of industries need clerical and administrative professionals to work for them, office support tasks and duties vary and even expand to other responsibilities these days. Just keep in mind not to limit yourself in what you do, someday you can even get a position in a hotel or even banking firm and you can apply your skills as administrative professional in a higher position that you strive for.